Unexpected Inspiration

I attended the fourth Heima Design Discussions, which is, in my opinion, one of the most refreshing and inspiring seminars I have attended. Initially only knowing Mara Coson and Marie Jamora, I didn’t know what to expect from the 4-hour session. I was only certain that I was craving to learn more about design, I was hoping to be inspired to get into the craft and develop skills, and I wanted to be surrounded by people whom I share the same interest with.

Having arrived at the venue 15 minutes before the expected time that the event would start, I decided to look at the Heima Brixton store. It was my first time in that branch and I can say that despite being situated in a different area from the Cubao Expo branch which I have been to, it managed to contain the same atmosphere.

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Unexpected Inspiration

Life Update

It’s now halfway through summer. The Ateneans who went to Boracay are back. Summer classes have started for those with Summer semester. Some of my batchmates are preparing for law school, some for med school, and some have already signed contracts and will begin working by June—a few will work already next month. How about me? Much like other fresh graduates, I’ve been spending my time contacting companies I wish to join…and I have been doing a bunch of other things I deem productive for the soul.

On dull days, I spend time with a certain book I bought during Summer of 2010.

DSC_0016 copyA part of me regrets I didn’t join the French Study Tour offered by the Modern Languages Department. It’s a month-long program of immersing one’s self to French language and culture. I have friends who are currently in Strasbourg and they are really enjoying! As much as I’d wish to enroll myself in Alliance Française de Manille, right now, I believe my focus should be to secure a job and once I have started working, that’s when I shall enroll myself in French language classes. To keep myself not rusty with the language (I only have minimal knowledge on the language), I have been entertaining myself with this book. I have been answering the exercises and although I am not able to practice orally, at least I am learning more and more to read and to write. I guess that’s good, right?

DSC_0001 copy

As it is the week of the TnT Auditions, I have decided to swing by yesterday. Sadly, there weren’t a lot of people when I visited but I was able to do some catching up with some TnTs. I’m excited for Training Day 3 and OrSem Day 2 (because for this school year, there are only 2 days) because us alumni will visit and that might be the first reunion we would have. Definitely excited and hopeful for everyone who will be able to make it! Really hoping I will have more friends and A’16, N’14 who will be TnTs for OrSem 2013!
DSC_0006 copy

No visit in Ateneo is ever complete without a visit to the Church of the Gesù. It has become my second home, in a way. A lot of time have been spent here thanking God for all the blessings, and a lot of time have also been spent here figuring out how to overcome certain life challenges.

Besides those, I have been spending time as well looking through websites that have been serving as “creative inspiration”. I really want to be better at graphic design and photography. Art just feeds the soul and makes it more alive, in my opinion. This Saturday, Heima, along with co.lab and Status Magazine, will be hosting their annual Design Discussions. Really looking forward to it! My friend and I will also go to the Brixton BBQ Party that will take place after. I guess I’m calling my Saturday as “Taste-of-The-Hipster-Life Day”? Excited!

Recently, I have also been searching for ebooks to read and I am just lost trying to figure out where I can download free ebooks that are of good quality. It’s really frustrating because I saw a lot of books which I wish to read. Some Fantasy books and Philosophy ones as well…maybe I should just be patient for now.

Pretty much my life has been just so..monotonous after graduation. Really surprised. I am hoping though that my life will have new beats, new rhythms soon. I just can’t stand doing anything, really. I am craving for things to do, I wish to start learning new things and attain new skills, and of course, to meet more people who will inspire me.

DSC_0014 copyAnd by the way, I have been making my brother jealous by telling him we have cookie butter at home. Haha!



Life Update

My Short Binondo Trip.

One of the things I have always wanted to go to in Manila would be Chinatown. I have always been so curious what i can find there, although I had some things in mind already. Since I’m on summer break and I have been bored the past few weeks, I have decided to check it out today!

I woke up early and after taking a bath, I went straight to the train station and I have to admit…I honestly might never know which stations are under the MRT and which ones are the LRT ones…It’s just so confusing. Anyway, it was a long ride from the Araneta Center-Cubao to Recto, then walk from the Recto to Doroteo Jose, then ride the Doroteo Jose to Carriedo station. Apparently, the commute was easier than expected! When I asked for directions how to go to Ongpin, the lady said it was far so it’s better if I just take a tricycle, which, although convenient and comfortable, was expensive! Plus, it wasn’t even that far… so I wasted money. Tear. The tricycle man dropped me off in a not-so-appealing corner of Ongpin. Take note that he didn’t even drop me off near the welcoming arch.

I started walking around and I was really hungry but I couldn’t find any of the restaurants recommended by my friends nor by bloggers. No sign of Wai Ying, no sign of President’s, no sign of Diao Eng Chay. When I tried asking for directions from people there, they don’t even know where those are, which is quite unfortunate since, they work and lived there. I was left to go looking for those places on my own and the first one I saw was President’s Teahouse which was packed! I would’ve wanted to wait but my stomach was grumbling already. Fortunately I saw Wai Ying and when I just entered, a couple just finished eating. Yay!

First thing I noticed when I sat: this is very Chinese. Obviously, considering it’s a Chinese restaurant. I guess to word it well, it’s very traditionally Chinese. Take a look at the menu! It has Chinese characters and it’s laminated. Reminded me of Mien San for some reason.DSC_0001 copy

Being a first timer, I asked for the recommendation of the waitress. I got roasted duck/asado rice which was actually good! Which it was warmer, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I got cold milk tea, as well.DSC_0003 copyDSC_0005 copyI asked my friend for the best place to eat fresh lumpia (because I’m a sucker for that), and although he replied, I was just too full to eat anything anymore. Quite unfortunate because I wanted to do a food trip!! Even after a few hours of walking around I was still full so I guess I would have to postpone eating the fresh lumpia of Ha Yuan. Sad!!

I roamed around more and I decided to take pictures using my dSLR. Yes, I was brave enough to take out  a dSLR in a place where some people consider to be quite sketchy. I noticed that the place was filled with Chinese Medicine drugstores. Probably they had more of those than restaurants. It was quite frustrating when I would see a very appealing sign just to see “DRUGSTORE” written after the name. I think I should’ve bought one as a souvenir, but then, the lucky charm boutiques are for souvenirs…I think?DSC_0007 copy DSC_0008 copyAfter being under the sun for the next hour, I finally saw the Arch of Goodwill which I consider to be the “Welcoming” Arch. I also saw the Sta. Cruz Church and the Carriedo Fountain. Quite unfortunate that the fountain is not maintained well. It wasn’t gushing water, and there were a lot of trash floating! Sad!! I went inside the Sta. Cruz Church as well to pray for something which God knows. I also prayed the same thing when I found myself inside the San Lorenzo Ruiz Church which was far from this Church.

DSC_0015 copy DSC_0012 copyEven if I have a lot of photos of Chinese guardian lions, I still wanted to take a photo! I really love taking pictures of these statues. They are really cute! I would probably want one for my future house/flat.DSC_0025 copy

As I bid goodbye to such a cute and busy place, I saw the Ongpin sign and I just had to take a picture of it even if there was a mean looking police officer standing beside it. I just smiled to establish that I wasn’t there to do anything sketchy but just to take a photo and leave. DSC_0024 copy

Walking away from the place, I took one last look and the view was nice. I took a shot and I whispered to myself, “I’ll bring my friends here when we’re really starving to eat all the dimsum and noodles we want—and can afford.” I enjoyed my short visit despite the failed attempt to eat dumplings, noodles and fresh lumpia…but that leaves much reason to come back. Till next time!DSC_0017 copy

My Short Binondo Trip.

I Miss MYMs

Every first Monday of the month, ASLAns spend dinner together to do some catching up, hence, “Miss You Mondays”, or MYM. The last time I’ve been to an MYM is the one I arranged last year. It was in Dencio’s Eastwood and it was post-JTA. I haven’t been in touch lately because Senior Year has been filled with deadlines to meet, events to organized and meetings to attend. I would’ve gone to a March MYM, unfortunately, no one was able to arrange it. Thankful for Ian that he arranged this evening’s affair.

We had dinner in Sunrise Buckets which I always pass by. I’ve been so curious what the place is like and what kind of food they offer. To my surprise, they serve delicious food! Before going to the place I did some research on what best to get, and based on numerous sites, their wings are to die for. Not being a fan of wings, I decided to go with something I know I will enjoy: a burger. I was, however, faced with a lot of flavors to choose from the usual Hickory, Buffalo Ranch, Honey Mustard to more interesting ones like Bourbon, Honey Jalapeño and Jack Daniel’s—the one I got.

At first it was only Ian and I in the place. It felt quite…sad. The ambience of the place was great! The volume of the could’ve been lowered a bit, washroom could have been cleaner(but it was dinner time and I guess I can forgive them), a bit of better designing in some areas, and the menu could’ve looked more appealing to the eyes…but hey! Service was great and the food’s great so I’d rate this 4 out of 5! I was able to take some shots before people arrived as well. These photos can’t justify how cute the place is!

DSC_0002 copyDSC_0004 copyDSC_0001 copyMy Jack Daniel’s Burger and my root beer float! DSC_0006 copy DSC_0008 copy

Eventually people started arriving and people started talking to each other and it felt good to have been able to go. Being around these people always make me wonder what I’m doing with my life. There’s always the sense of being inspired by these people, for what they have done, what they’re currently doing and for just being them. It’s an amazing feeling, really. I would help make things better for the country, but I’m not yet exactly prepared. For now, I will be finding avenues to make my little sparks before I head out to make big ones.

Ryan, Bell and Fara. You can always blame my poor eyes + my lack of kit lens for always awkward photos.
DSC_0010 copy DSC_0011 copySorry I failed to realize that I should’ve taken a picture of everyone using my dSLR, but I really wanted to have a polaroid photo of people who were still there right before I left. DSC_0014 copy

Thank you to everyone who came, and big thanks to Ian as well for arranging this!

PS. Sorry Gio, Josh and Mea, I forgot to take a photo of the three of you. There will always be a next time, anyway!

I Miss MYMs

My Personal Retreat

I remember my friends urging me to go to the Silent Retreat arranged by the Campus Ministry Office. Whether it be a 3-day, 5-day or even the 8-day retreat, my friends were trying their best to convince me because it would really help me clear my mind. Sad to say, I didn’t go for it…but there are no regrets.

Honestly, there are times when I feel that I feel God more when I least expect Him to be around. Just the other day I went to Starbucks and stayed there for around 5 hours drinking an iced asian dolce latte and I was writing on my journal as well. For some reason, I felt God there. I felt like He was just by my side and he was helping me clear my mind. Perhaps, there would be more drama if I went up a hill or went to a retreat, but my personal everyday retreats help a lot. Sometimes I feel like I have already perfected finding peace amidst all the craziness of the life in the city. I always devote time to pray before I sleep and also when I wake up in the morning. It’s my way of beginning and ending my day thanking God and to just listen to Him and feel Him. This might sound weird for some of my friends who normally see me as someone loud and just crazy. But yes, I cherish my alone moments and the moments when I pray.

When I was in High School I was able to get two books which I use from time to time to help me pray. I received a copy of The Spiritual Exercises from a Student Council Silent Retreat in 2008 and the Wood for the Fire was a book given to me by my former Student Council moderator as a graduation gift. The white parts of the cover of the Spiritual Exercises book is actually now quite yellow. Not really sure how to best maintain it considering it’s just neatly placed along with other books.

DSC_0039 copyDSC_0038 copyTo this day, I really hold dear these two books. I get to pray and I get to do my own “personal retreat”. I honestly and firmly believe that prayer is something that should be done on a regular basis and not just once a week, or if there’s only a special occasion. Always take time to thank Him for all the blessings.

I have also been able to keep track of my life on a daily basis through my journal which I have been faithfully writing on ever since I started. For now, I don’t want to share what I have written but don’t worry, not bad stuff written there; just my raw thoughts.

DSC_0037 copyAs you can see, there are some stuff written on the back of this page. Hopefully none of you will be able to decipher what I have written….hopefully. Haha!

I can say that having a journal I get to write on everyday helps me see what has been happening in my life for the past days. It allows me to be thankful for the blessings I have received and at the same time, it has been helping me analyze where I am at this point in my life and how I want to move towards my dreams and goals. In a way I guess I get to write my own examen and keep track of it.

By the way, I have used my instax already! As some of you might remember, I recently bought a polaroid, you can check the entry here!

The print is small and it’s quite cute! It’s almost the same size as that of a graduation picture!

DSC_0040 copyDSC_0041 copy

I can’t wait to bring Athena on Monday for the ASLA dinner!

My Personal Retreat