JTA. Don’t Cry Out, Ceasefire

Third week of JTA sem, but it feels like it’s the third month. I know I sound like a broken record but this sem is just so hell. As in it’s really eating up my “me time”. I really have enough time for my extra-curricular involvements, but there are really times when I can’t even just chill and not think about anything. It’s quite sad, really. But it’s alright, I’m still healthy and my grades aren’t suffering whatsoever.

The week was crazy in all aspects. (picture below isn’t relevant at all, but I find it cute!)

Wednesday was the beginning of the wackiest day of the week. Actually, my week started that day. (Daluz took this shot, as well as other pictures with my ugly face)
My OpMan group met up that day and went to the house of Dominic to continue on our paper which was quite comparable to a fusion of the crazy midterm COM12 paper as well as the craziest LS10 pass. Before going though, we ate lunch in Kenny Rogers and while waiting for the driver of Dominic, we saw Mara in all her bubbly glory.

We eventually go to the house of Daluz after waiting for like 2 hours or so. Stayed at his room practically the whole time and swear, the room was filled with restlessness emanating from all of us. HAHA! The picture of Maia is a “before” actually. Had I taken a picture of her after we were doing stuff, it would be so sad, she’d sue me if I posted it here.

Didn’t really go around the house of Daluz, so I took these pictures. Really cute he kept his bag tag! I remember there was a time my mom gave me a bag tag that was ribbon-y. 😐
That day was really stressful but all kinds of awesome. We were there from 2:30 to 11:00PM. We didn’t push through with the everyone sleepover idea anymore. Fun thing that happened: right after we ate dinner, we all rushed fixing our ugly faces and went straight to Power Plant Mall for last minute stuff. It was a very fun experience actually. First time that I ever walked to a mall from a house, first time that I lingered in a mall while it was closing, and first time to stay that late in someone’s house with the need to go back home. Haha! We were productive, to be fair. Just not as much as we expected because a lot of things had to be clarified among ourselves. And it helped. πŸ™‚
(I really love my group: Maia, Dominic, Jade, Iris, CamSee!)

Following day, we were in the eye of the storm phase. Rest the whole day so we could finish the paper when we all got home. Look at Iris, looks so stressed! 😦 But look at her hand, Winnie the Pooh! Haha!

Friday, finally passed the OpMan paper though like 5-10 minutes late. 😦 But we got our sanity back. Really felt guilty I fell asleep! I bet I had the most hours of sleep among my JTA blockmates! 😦 But everything’s done and all we have to do is wait for the pass 1 to be returned and for us to improve.

While waiting for Marketing, we did our WAC. I finished before the girls and took pictures of Β random things…and yes, Jeff and Maia are included. Haha! Such a crazy and cute couple!

That last picture… SWEETNESS.

But I want to end this entry with something very off. Haha! When my mom fetched me last night, we were both craving for something light to eat, we saw this small “resto” named Monsees. The spanish bread and pot pie were really delicious!

and that’s it for week 3!

JTA. Don’t Cry Out, Ceasefire

JTA. We’ve Only Just Begun

First week of JTA has been so stressful not only academically, but emotionally as well for me. I won’t hide to anyone that the past week has been a roller coster of sorts for me. In a span of 6 days, a lot has happened; some good, some bad. Thinking about my classes alone makes me just want to give up (and yes, it might seem so early but it’s difficult when I see the people I’ll be leaving behind and when people mention things I will surely miss). But I guess it’s because of the friends who are with me in this journey that I pick myself up. I actually feel bad I wasn’t able to take a picture of everyone 😦 Will do next week!

Crazy blockmates. Really love these guys! Really wish Ina went on through with it. But I know that God has better plans for her and I just really wish her the best. But until after JTA sem 2, I’ll be with Dominic, Maia and Gianna most of the time from R4.

And there are also the other ComTech majors who are as crazy and fun! I know all of them but not so close and I just can’t wait to hang with these people! Note that the 2 other people behind Dianne aren’t my JTA blockmates, the guy is an ME marketing classmate and the one behind him is an LS100(I think) prof.

Our classes have been crazy but enjoyable…except for Finance. Well, sir Mike Tan is great and all but it was hard to grasp concepts and all that. Wishing things will be fixed for us ComTech JTAers! Philo was really crazy. Marketing and OpMan are both interesting. CS175 will be enjoyable I bet. In all, I have an amazing set of profs and I am just wishing that my extracurricular activities won’t get in the way of me getting really good grades this hell JTA sem! πŸ™‚

JTA. We’ve Only Just Begun