Chinese New Year Eve

Today, my Asian Histo classmates, along with members of the 3 others classes under Ma’am Nazareno, assembled by the SocSci Garden for the China Enrichment Activity. What is this “China Enrichment Activity” you ask? It’s quite simple. All of us who chose this enrichment activity had to choose a historical and significant Chinese figure then dress up today as that character. But it doesn’t end there, we were all given Bingo sheets and we had to form a pattern and it’s not just a matter of asking the person to sign it, we were supposed to place 2 significant details about our character too!

At first, I was like “CRUD! What if I don’t finish this by 1PM?!” Well the thing is, people were free to come and go so it’s by luck and patience to complete a pattern. Thankfully I finished around 11:30am-12nn! I really enjoyed it even if I had to cut COM12 for it. SORRY SIR! I felt bad that I didn’t bring my camera right away because by the time I brought it out, a lot of people left already. Well, here are some of the shots I took though. Haha!

Third as a female Chinese character

Gabi, Third, Lao and Nelson. The Femme Fatale. Haha!

Kyla with her awesome shades.

Third with the R3 HI16 students of Ma’am Nazareno. I can only identify Mara with her very Communist get up, Pam pointing, Benjo with this green top, PatGai looking very Chinese and Kyla with modern twist to her Chinese outfit.

And I shall end this with a picture of the cutest Chinese person I know. ROBINA! (well it’s Robina with her friend. HAHAHA!)

Chinese New Year Eve

2 thoughts on “Chinese New Year Eve

  1. Hey, Macky! Love the shots! 🙂

    My character was Soong Mei-Ling. She died at the age of 105 in 2003 (I think) in her Upper East apartment in New York. SORRY NA! :))

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