Semi-Food Trip

I brought my camera today thinking it’s the best day for me to pig out and try out at least 5 stalls participating in the JSEC Challenge. During my first break, I went to the SEC-field and confused which to try first, I looked for someone who knew the good food and possibly 80% of stall owners there. So who’s this someone? The hyperactive Kit Ang!

He got me to taste this really cute unagi looking food which was prepared by his friend on the spot! It’s a big unagi sort of thing actually. It was spam, rice and nori. Really delicious! Try it out tomorrow during your free time! 🙂

On my way to get my drink from another stall, he introduced me to his friend. It’s cute how Kit has super small eyes while his friend had her eyes wide open! Haha!I had milk tea from Robo I think? Can’t really remember the name of the stall. Best milk tea I have tasted in school since Buddha Bean actually!

I saw Ellie before I started eating and it was a surprise that she knows Kit! Apparently they train together or something. Badminton, I think? Kit left and I was with Ellie and her friend, Karla. Fun company, actually!

After some time Krista came but we didn’t get to bond much because we all had to go to our classes. And Krista, if ever you see this, I know this is not a flattering picture of you but it’s better than the other one I took! haha!

After Theo, I got hungry again and went back to the SEC-field. While looking at the stalls, two people managed to get my attention, Jone and Sophie. Apparently their stall is the one selling the hot dogs some of my friends have been wanting to taste! And it’s good ha!

Here’s Sophie being pretty and covering Jone! Haha!

Super satisfied with the food of the stalls I have tasted so far. Tomorrow I shall try Chicken Strip, Weezy’s Kebab and Wrap ‘n’ Roll! Hope they won’t disappoint!

Semi-Food Trip

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