Singapore Trip. Of Merlions and A Ferris Wheel

April 08, 2011

After our lunch, we went out and we journeyed to the merlion and we were already disappointed even before because we found out prior to going to Singapore that the Merlion, the very landmark of Singapore, was turned into some hotel. Sad, really. But it’s their country anyway. Haha. Before arriving though, I saw some fancy schmancy buildings and two cute pigeons or whatever they were. Haha! Well you see, I’m a fan of anything artsy, and I used to want to be an architect…then I realized my sketching skills suck and they’re just not for hardcore “architecture-ism”.

and now for the picture of the birds. HAHA! Wish I zoomed in and didn’t underexpose it! 😦

After mega perspiring and bottles of water, we finally arrived where the Merlions were! First the mini-Merlion, then the Merlion!

And yes, that’s the Merlion! sad, ain’t it? It’s not permanent though!

It just looks so weird to sleep there! Semi-empty room, beautiful wallpaper, posh bed, didn’t enter the bathroom anymore because the whole place just had a weird stench!

After our trip to the Merlion, brother and I went to the Singapore Flyer. It was a fun “ride”. Nice view even!

I wonder when the Philippines will have tons of awesomeness?

Singapore Trip. Of Merlions and A Ferris Wheel

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