5 Days to Go. 5 Things That are Making Me Happy

I really can’t believe that I only have 5 days to go before I leave for France! I have started packing last week but it seems that my luggage is always overweight and that I constantly need to repack and try to understand what’s making my luggage overweight! But oh well, I do not want to dwell on the negatives, I’d rather dwell on the top 5 things that are making me happy right now!

Finally after around 4 years I get an ATM again! Last time I had was back in 3rd Year High and after maxing it out, and being scolded by mom because of it, she decided maybe it’s best I don’t own one. Now that I am going to France, I would definitely need one as means to sustain myself there. Why not have a credit card as well? Simple, my mom thinks I’ll just max it out. HAHA!

My bag. I don’t know why but it’s making me happy. I don’t want to show you how I fixed it because it looks like a mess! Haha! Quite notable that for the the first time I ever, I rolled my shirts instead of folding them. I am really still praying I get to stuff everything needed and wanted inside the bag 😦

My moleskine! Looks familiar? I featured this one in another post back in April! This is the one I got all the way from Milan, because the one I’m currently using had a factory defect. Really excited to fill it up with memories and colors and whatever I can stuff it with!

My eurail everything! I got these yesterday and I am so excited to just travel around Europe on days that I don’t have class! Unlike my other schoolmates in Rennes, I opted not to get Austria and instead have a France-Germany-Switzerland ticket worth for 8 trips in 2 months. I am hoping I won’t regret the decision to deviate from them. I don’t know what’s in Austria anyway and I actually want to have a weekend for myself. Soul searching? Maybe. πŸ™‚

Β And the one that’s making me happy the most and until I’m so giddy about is my new laptop! After waiting for practically around 71 days (I think…), I finally got my macbook pro! TBH, reflecting now, I really would’ve wanted a macbook white but it’s no longer sold. I am still waiting for an orange speck to come out and I’m still looking for a decent sleeve for my lappy. Hoping I get to find one before I leave! 😦 Still clueless what to name it, my brother suggested the French for Apple which would be “Pommes” but it sounds weird. So confused what to call her! 😦

Thank you mom for buying me my lappy! I love you despite the many times I got so impatient πŸ™‚

Other things making me happy includeThe weigh thinger which I’ll be bringing to France.

This First Aid Manual I started studying back in 3rd Year because I never had the time to enroll myself under Red Cross. Stopped reading since college so I’m quite clueless. Really thinking of bringing this to France if I still have enough weight for my luggage/hand carry. If not, will probably download an ebook version if available.

WHHHHEEEE!!! 5 days to go and I’m getting 100% ready! Will update this more often(I’ll try to daily even!) when I’m there, promise! πŸ™‚

5 Days to Go. 5 Things That are Making Me Happy

2 thoughts on “5 Days to Go. 5 Things That are Making Me Happy

  1. Kainggit ang Eurail things. :)) Ako rin, I just bought my bag today. Wheee. I’ll be packing this weekend pa lang. Have a safe trip Macky! πŸ˜€

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