Because I’m Already Here in Rennes!

Arrived at the NAIA 1 and to no surprise, my handcarry stuff were overweight! Surprised to see Ysa, Gem and Francis there! We left Manila at around 8am. Fancy plane ride going to Hong Kong!

We arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport but we soon got split.
Ysa, Gem, Anj and I were in the same flight to Paris and we all got there around 6:30am (France time)

Finally arrived in Paris with Anj!

Train to Rennes!

Finally in Rennes! Waiting for the others to arrive!

Ling Ling, Marj, Ange and Cham! then me and Ling Ling!


Cabbage, Ina, Anj and Patty!

Ina, Cabbage, Anj, Marj, Ange, Margot, Cham

Us with some of the Well’Come Team!

Cham and I!

Look at our bags!

Complète which I shared with Cham!

Because I’m Already Here in Rennes!

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