Life Update in Snaps

I have really been MIA in this blog of mine and I guess this is exactly the reason why I haven’t been motivated to push through removing the “.wordpress” part of this site. I need to rethink how to go about this blog. Hmm… Anyway, just to give you guys an idea what’s been happening in my life (assuming you guys aren’t following me on Instagram), just check out the photos below!

I have fixed the laces of my new shoes. I followed the “European Straight Lacing” way of tying my brown dress shoes. It looks significantly cleaner than the usual crossover if you ask me.
IMG_20130721_173443Attended the PhilStar 2.0 event where I realized that the world is getting smaller and it’s getting more interesting by the day. Fun evening with colleagues!! And look at the paella below…isn’t it huge??? IMG_20130724_192703Following day, I visited Total’s newest station in Las Piñas with a colleague. The almost 2 hour cab ride going there wasn’t that bad. The travel back to Manila though felt longer—mainly because EDSA was really filled with cars/buses/trucks/motorcycles/possibly imaginary horse drawn carriages with princesses as well. It was a really cool station and I got a picture with the mascot of Chupa Chups!IMG_20130725_133409 IMAG0344Oh by the way, I also saw Cham and George in Jamba Juice in SM while my colleague was burning pictures! Missed them so much!!


I loaded Athena (in case you have forgotten, that’s the name of my Instax), with my third refill because I really missed taking polaroid photos.

IMAG0349And just this afternoon, I spent some time hanging with two ComTech juniors whom I just met this January 2013. Haha! Who knew I’d actually hang with two college kids whom I met because they attended an org project I handled back in January? Awesome company though!

IMG_20130727_160802And yes, I do have a thing for having a “thumbs up” pose.

I do apologize for the quality of the photos. I have been using my phone as a digicam as well for the past few months. Haha!

Life Update in Snaps

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