365 Days Today

May 02, 2013. It was a Thursday. I was eager and probably my mom was more excited for me, hence her wanting to accompany me on my first day. We had breakfast in a doughnut shop nearby and closing 9:00 AM, we left and she dropped me off. Similar to my first day of school, or first day of my violin lessons, and to a lot of first’s, really, my mom accompanied me to my first day of work, this day, 365 days ago.

Yes, today marks the first year of me being part of the “work force”, whatever that may mean. This year marks the anniversary of being one of the many people in the realm of communications, who continue to strive to understand how people think, what moves people, and make magic happen.

The 12 month stretch has been, much like any other chapter in my life, has been filled with three C’s: challenges, choices, changes. And will I do some dramatic blog entry fleshing out these? Yep, and I apologize in advance if you wish to continue reading this.


Adjusting from the life of a student to a life of a PR practitioner (although I am not completely sold on the label because I think labeling myself as such implies that I am close to earning a black belt in the industry). Adjusting from a familiar set of people to a bunch of new faces, and new names. These are some of the things I had to adjust to, and it was scary and exciting at the same time. I am not entirely sure what the expectations were from me, but it was a perfect opportunity to start new, to start fresh, to start great.

I have grown a lot, I have learned so much, and I continue to learn so many things. And honestly, I think the learning aspect is really what drives me to continuously change, to be different, to reinvent myself in constantly.


Apart from all the adjusting I had to do, there were a lot of obstacles I had to go through. All the learn-as-you-do as I worked on projects. Lacking sleep, sometimes having one-day weekends, having to cancel plans with family and friends. The Sphinxes and Minotaurs I have faced may not be all too new for me, but they do continue to take me by surprise, and they do continue to bruise me. All of those may have left me battle scars, but I do stand triumphant most of the time….because, again, let’s be honest, we have to choose our battles wisely. We can’t always win. We have to lose some battles to win the greater war.


And of course, choices. Thrown to an unfamiliar ground, so much choices are to be made, and it is always difficult–whether when choosing, or when experiencing the outcome of the choice made. I guess one of the things I have learned from the choices I have made is that, there is no room, there is no time for any regrets. All of the choices we make were just “must’s” at the specific point in time, and there shouldn’t be any regrets. If you needed a new space to be productive, if you really miss your friends, if you really want to lessen the workload for the coming week, there were good intentions in the choices we make and while, yes, it may sometimes result to something not pleasant all the time, at least you made that assertion to make something happen.

And after a full year of being a member of such a demanding, life-changing industry, the question everyone begs to ask is are you happy?  I think that question may come off as a bit problematic as a yes or a no would have so much implications along with it. There are moments of sheer bliss, and moments of weaknesses, happy days and just gloomy ones. But, honestly I don’t think that happiness should be the only thing to be measured. It goes beyond that. What is the use of happiness if you are not challenged? What is the use of happiness if you are not growing? But, yes, I am generally happy. During down moments, I always try my best to get myself together and find event the tiniest ray of light that would pierce through a blanket of despair. So much drama right there, but you get it.

Moving Forward

After a year of being in the agency, what’s next is something I am not certain. I do not know where the winds will blow me, I do not know where the currents will dock me. I do know that I want to continue to grow, to still experience life-changing moments, to meet people who have inspired me, and who will inspire me.

I think, finally, I could say I have found where I want to be in. I have found something I authentically want to do. Yes, bigger monsters are up ahead, and I am uncertain if would be successful facing them, and I am certain more erratic currents and winds will set me back, but I do know that these details will somehow lead me to where I want myself to be.

May 02, 2014. It’s a Friday. Today marks my first year of working. Happy Anniversary to me!

365 Days Today

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