Group Therapy

I went to Singapore last week, June 11 to June 16 to celebrate my birthday and to take my time to find myself and direct my life. As it was my third time in Singapore, I didn’t do the usual tourist attractions (Universal Studios, Sentosa, any of the Gardens, etc.). Instead, I was set on finding the other treasures tucked away in the city. Part of my agenda was to go coffee shop hopping but it didn’t push through, unfortunately, but I did go to a quaint coffee shop named Group Therapy.

Group Therapy is a cute restaurant/coffee shop found along Duxton Road. It is not as easy to find as Department of Caffeine (which I was not able to try due to their weird kitchen hours). You would have to keep your eyes out for the sign of the café as it is located on the second floor, as it is “housed within a restored shophouse”. How to know if you’ve found the café? Watch out for this sign that will greet you when you peer through the door

It also indicates if they are already open for the day as they have different opening hours for each day. If the sign hasn’t lit yet, that means they are closed. If you noticed that the sign has already lit, make your way up to the café and enjoy the ambience. I suggest you take a seat near the window so you can watch people passing along Duxton Road.

It has a very chic and playful feel which I really enjoyed as I spent a whole morning of mine here during my stay in Singapore.

On the side, they were also selling books and trinkets which were very much adorable. I regret not taking home some of their keychains and plushies!

The ambiance was perfect and food was great. I got myself a Cuban Pretzel Dog which was heavier than expected. It was supposed to be a light brunch because I was preparing my stomach for much more food the whole day. No regrets gaining pounds though, it was a really delicious dish! It was shredded pork in a hotdog bun with egg and cheese on top, I believe. Generous amount of chips and salad on the side as well.

I also got myself a cappuccino because it doesn’t make sense not to get any coffee in a coffee shop. It was simple, and it was also good.

I also took my time writing on my journal, as per usual. Haha!

I enjoyed my 2-3 hour stay in this coffee shop enjoying their playlist, the good food, and looking at the beautiful interiors. I definitely recommend everyone to go to this place if they are in Singapore!


Group Therapy Coffee / 49 Duxton Road #02-01 Singapore 089513 / MRT Station closest would be Tanjong Pagar.

They are closed every Monday. And you can check them out on Facebook!

Group Therapy

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