My new friend: Fujifilm XF1

I’ve been lugging around my dSLR wherever I go since January 2009. It has always been the camera I’d bring no matter the occasion; from events, to travels and to everyday life. No complaining about photo quality because photos always turn out amazing…but sometimes, it’s really inconvenient. It’s not compact. It’s quite heavy. Not to mention, it’s not “hi-can-you-take-a-photo-of-me” friendly. I love my dSLR, but I need something compact to capture everyday moments. Something I can place inside my bag, or my pocket.

So, I got myself a Fujifilm XF1.

While people would’ve expect me to get a Fujifilm X20 or Canon G15, I wanted something not complicated. I wanted something different. Hence my decision to go for a camera that is sleek. This is practically a fashion statement of sorts. Faux leather fo’ the win!

In fact, the past few posts were all thanks to my new buddy. Photo quality is still amazing, for a compact camera. It can’t rival that of a dSLR but it does more than the job. I also like how I get to tinker with the settings, and go Manual mode. I still prefer controlling my settings than go Automatic, but the EXR is pretty neat. I am able to produce good photographs with it. Perfect for those times I’m too impatient to adjust aperture and shutter to score a great shot.

What made me fall in love with it, besides how it looks, is the way you turn it on. Why? Well, it doesn’t have a power button. You turn it on by pulling the lens barrel, then twisting it. I don’t know, but I think it has always been a “must” for me to have something quirky with my stuff. Like, when I was in High School, I owned a Sony Cybershot DSC-M2, the camera that made me make selfies even before the term was invented. Don’t believe me? Ask my High School classmates and friends.

Plus, I got this case when I got it. Looking forward to immortalizing memories, and telling stories with my new friend.

My new friend: Fujifilm XF1

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