You can feel it in the way home

I never understood the fuss about Valentine’s; why some people have to be bitter, why some couples burn so much cash to have the “best Valentine’s Date”. I’m not judging anyone, though. I make it a point to spoil myself from time to time. I could only imagine what I’d do for someone special. Anyway, yesterday I thought it would be all about me. I was so wrong.

I went to school to take a quick stroll and do some reminiscing.

I love the campus. Despite realizing that school was such a ‘bubble’, I treasure the 16 years I spent in the University. It was the place where I learned to be ambitious, to be a go-getter, to never settle for anything less. Those are the same reasons why I visit the school when I feel lost, and when I suddenly don’t know who I am turning into. So I went to the Church of the Gesù and I asked for peace. I think more than anything else, serenity is what all of us needs. Being part of this generation that constantly ‘seeks’ for happiness, I understand that trips and detours are bound to happen. But I think it’s a matter of whether these twists and turns lead us to that joy which we search for. And with that realization, I asked for some peace and trust that no matter what roadblocks I encounter, I’m on track.

I saw a friend who told me that there was a Kythe event taking place, and knowing Serge is dedicated member, I gave him a call and we did some catching up.

I saw more familiar faces (but failed to have a photo with them). I saw Xab, Jess, Elijah, Mikee, Louie, Alberto, Pei, Manuel, AC, Gabby, Alfonse, Carla, among other friends. It was also nice being able to see Jonathan and meeting a fellow ASLAn, Riston (?). Amazing how what should have been a ‘hi-hello’ turned out to be two-hour stay at the Bellarmine Field, catching up with college friends. It was a nice feeling. Not to mention, seeing kids run around flying kites, dancing and playing games. I left the place with such a light feeling, as if my burden was lifted.

I went to Heima Brixton primarily because I wanted to check out the light box exhibit.

My Apt has a collaboration with Arf for the light boxes. They got in touch with celebrities, personalities and friends to complete the phrase “Love is ____”. I forget who placed what, except for ‘coffee’ which was placed by Megan Young. Besides her answer, I also like ‘clarity’ and ‘yours’. The latter’s pure genius. I like the humor of everyone, honestly. A light box costs P3500 and comes with characters. Really cute! I’m considering of getting one.

The Barista Box was parked in front of Heima and was serving people really good coffee. Took the time to catch up with a good friend, Migs. I wish they were around when I was still in college. They would have prevented me coffee vending machines that would sometimes dispense cups with floating ants, or just hot water. It was an afternoon/early evening well spent. Not to mention being in the same photo as Megan Young and Mikael Daez. Amazing even if I looked like a black blob sipping tea from an espresso glass. And being in a photo of one of my ‘happy-places’.

Also witnessed Megan write something inside the Barista Box truck.

Thanks for the coffee, the stories and the company, Barista Box!

My day was not how I planned it but everything that happened contributed to a sincere happiness I haven’t felt in such a long time. Echoing my sentiment I posted in Facebook, “if [Valentine’s] is simply making a person feel such immense love, then I can say God did a great job today”. It’s a new day and I still carry that lightness from yesterday. I’m genuinely happy, and rested. I think things are clearer, and I know what to do.

I would just have to keep in mind one thing:

You can feel it in the way home

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