Oh The Places You’ll Go

February 19, 2011

Battle of BelField was pure awesome! I went to school early just to witness it! Until now, I still wish I’m taking up Western Histo with an awesome prof who has Battle of BelField either tank wars or the Spartan or Athenian or whatever. But ohwell, Asian Histo has its own share of awesomeness. Haha!

I also had my last NSTP insertion and I can say that it was probably the best. Even if it was a whole day affair, and preparations used up a lot of time, effort and load(HAHA!). Everything was worth it! The feeling of seeing the kids all enjoying was just so great. Hearing and seeing our kids perform stuff they have been practicing since July or August, was just so overwhelming… I didn’t expect them, in a way, to be so good. I didn’t even expect them to practice at their own times! It was really touching and I can say that they have touched my life. Thank you Sibol Hesus!

Sir Pagsi giving a short talk.

the “couple”. haha!

Julio and I with our tutees! I realized I didn’t fix back the ISO so the picture is grainy. OOPS!

Oh! The Places You’ll Go. 🙂

Congratulations guys! That day, was your day! You are now off to great places. You’re off and away. Soar to high heights guys and I hope to see you guys around! Always study hard and never forget all the lessons you have learned, not only in Math and English, but even those  beyond.

Mangarap. Magsumikap. 

I love this piece posted on the wall in the Tanghalang Onofre Pagsanhan.  The driving force for everything that happened that Saturday.

Oh The Places You’ll Go

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