Close to Freedom

It’s currently 2:40 PM and I am researching for my SCI 10 final paper. It’s an essay sort of paper. My prof was ‘inspired’ by the Graduate Record Examination. An issue is presented to us and we have to present our views on it backed up with relevant stuff and we have to cite at least 3 sources. It’s not a big deal so much actually but I am aiming for a B+ in SCI10 and I really don’t know my standing right now. Haha! What has been tough though is getting legit sources. Need to go to Ateneo tomorrow to get legit sources. It’s due tomorrow before 5PM anyway. Haha!

A lot has happened the past week but I’d rather save the blog entry/ies for another time. For now I am just drowning with finals stuff and I’m so hassled by these actually. Thankfully I have Jelly Belly to make me happy. (mind you, I didn’t eat a lot, my brother eats too!)

This morning we went to Rockwell and I am so so happy that there’s finally a camera store there! No need to go to far flung areas anymore to check camera stuff! Went to MUJI and bought myself a small notebook.

That’s my Moleskine under. Seriously I think I have an addiction with notebooks and planners! I have a lot! But they do have different purposes, so I guess it’s okay 🙂

Anyway that’s it for now, and I sincerely apologize not being so faithful here. Heavy acads but these shall pass soon anyway 🙂 For now, I shall finish this SCI10 paper while devouring this ‘Apple Galaxy’ from BreadTalk!


Close to Freedom

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