Free time with Aki

I love this day because it’s like one of those “oh i only have one class and it ended early so I have so much free time” days that I barely have, specially that I’m near halfway through my college life! Since I brought my camera today, and our FIL project making was postponed, I decided to semi-roam around campus to take photos of stuff!

The OrSem TnT Board finally has the signups thingy! It’s been posted since Monday and It’s nice seeing people sign up! I remember last year I wrote my name like 3 times just to be super sure I would be contacted. I was so excited for it and it’s still the same feeling even if I may not even go through with it (explanation tomorrow πŸ™‚ ) But enough about me, YOU should go to Berch tomorrow and sign up! I know being a TnT is in your bucket list, and signing up is the first step so you may cross it out of your list :>

To the left and right of the TnT Board were the “Dear Father Ben” boards, which I find sweet and cute! I shall post a message tomorrow! πŸ™‚

I headed to the ‘SOM Forest’ after because I remember this time that Paolo and Benny went there to do some shoot for Pepe Jeans. I was totally excited to go but didn’t know that the ‘SOM Forest’ would look so gloomy (realized after leaving that it was cloudy that time. 😐 FAIL). I had to semi-mega overexpose just to bring light to the photos. But hey, no big deal, I have been overexposing my photos anyway. HAHA!

and that’s it! Till the next time I’m bored in school with Aki!

btw, the name of my camera is Aki if you didn’t know πŸ˜‰

Free time with Aki

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