Take (it) Off!

Last night, ACTM had its Seniors’ Sendoff: Take (it) Off! It’s not a super official project of the org (but I think it should be. Haha!) which we started planning for a few weeks ago. It’s funny because the idea started last year when some of the senior EB would tell us how nice it’d be if we threw a sendoff. Haha!

Vic, Trisha, Nikki, Isabelle, Bit

Iyay, Mindy, Kim hiding bottles of wonders. HAHA!

The girls again with Ap, Dennis and (insert name here) Haha! Didn’t get his name!

The members of Team Steamy were there to grace us with their IMC-ness! Nikki, Trisha, Paolo, Gayle and Xea! I think your cash prize should be added to the org’s funds!

Some of the Juniors present last night. Katie, Derrick, Vi-Ann, Cara, Xea, Mia, Rana, Gelo and Roshni!

The Freshmen! Mikko, Josh, Cheska, Andrea and the diva, JR!

Kim, Trisha and Jackie! Super happy that Jackie is now into photography!

Hans, Mindy, Iyay, Kim and Dennis!

Outgoing president, Gillian with Iyay and Kim! Hottest Female President nominee! Haha!

Of course, incoming president, Rem was present! The org will be in good hands this coming school year! ๐Ÿ™‚

Isay was the “flight attendant” of the night.

Bien-Bien with her power to make anyone drink! Haha!
There are more pictures, of course which you can check out in my FB.

It’s one of the last moments I’d have with the seniors and I am super regretting not being able to mega bond with them. But I guess that gives me enough reason to go wild and whatever this coming March 5 in VERGE: Lucky Thirteen ๐Ÿ™‚ Click the photo for the FB Event page. Everyone can go! ๐Ÿ™‚

made by the ACTM CSP Department

I can’t go emo for now because of how heavy this coming week is, but just you guys wait. I will try my best to make people at least shed a tear ๐Ÿ™‚ See you guys this Saturday!

Take (it) Off!

asLOVE dinner

February 24, 2011

Last night, some of my ASLA batchmates and I went to Cam Ang’s mansion for a simple yet fun-filled get-together. I thought I’d be super mega early…thankfully not! ย The early birds who were there were Martin, Weanne, Billie and Esa! Martin, pimpin’ haha!

We decided to set up the stuff already so CamAng brought out her extension cord socket thingy and we kept on poking fun at it! We had a fun time trying to further extend it because apparently it could be as long as 4 times the size of CamAng. Haha!

More people started to arrive (Tim, Lauren, Rica, Cheska, Matt). More food arrived as well!

Esa finally got her rice that night! Haha!

We started eating after. First thing we devoured was pizza and finally! I’m in a group shot! haha!

While having dinner we were just sharing ghost stories. Odd topic for a get-together but it was still amusing! To be honest, I was so paranoid the whole time when I got home. Haha! Elijah arrived after some time.

Bigger group shots which Elijah took. Jolo wasn’t there yet that time so he’s not in any of the pictures ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

let’s have a more complete one next time, yes? ๐Ÿ™‚ See you guys around!

asLOVE dinner

Oh The Places You’ll Go

February 19, 2011

Battle of BelField was pure awesome! I went to school early just to witness it! Until now, I still wish I’m taking up Western Histo with an awesome prof who has Battle of BelField either tank wars or the Spartan or Athenian or whatever. But ohwell, Asian Histo has its own share of awesomeness. Haha!

I also had my last NSTP insertion and I can say that it was probably the best. Even if it was a whole day affair, and preparations used up a lot of time, effort and load(HAHA!). Everything was worth it! The feeling of seeing the kids all enjoying was just so great. Hearing and seeing our kids perform stuff they have been practicing since July or August, was just so overwhelming… I didn’t expect them, in a way, to be so good. I didn’t even expect them to practice at their own times! It was really touching and I can say that they have touched my life. Thank you Sibol Hesus!

Sir Pagsi giving a short talk.

the “couple”. haha!

Julio and I with our tutees! I realized I didn’t fix back the ISO so the picture is grainy. OOPS!

Oh! The Places You’ll Go. ๐Ÿ™‚

Congratulations guys! That day, was your day! You are now off to great places. You’re off and away. Soar to high heights guys and I hope to see you guys around! Always study hard and never forget all the lessons you have learned, not only in Math and English, but even those ย beyond.

Mangarap. Magsumikap.ย 

I love this piece posted on the wall in the Tanghalang Onofre Pagsanhan. ย The driving force for everything that happened that Saturday.

Oh The Places You’ll Go

Someday it will lead me back to You

February 18, 2011

I look forward to Fridays for a bunch of reasons. One of which would be how free I am after 11:30 am. I got to do a lot of things that afternoon like I went to Ateneo High School to do NSTP stuff, I watched Mara’s Histo play, binge on JSEC Challenge food and drinks, and the DSLD/ASLA discernment.

When I buy prime lens, I’ll finally be able to take decent indoor shoots even if it’s dark. I like this shot actually since it’s kinda decent. Haha!

the guillotine really looked nice!ย 

Vien and Mara! I had no picture of them both looking at the camera!ย 

On my way back from the High School, decided to take a shot of the Church of the Gesu. It’s where the DSLD/ASLA discernment took place!
The experience was really different but at the same time enlightening. I felt like it was very grace-filled, to an extent and I feel fortunate I was able to experience it. Unfortunately, we weren’t complete so we’d have to do a second part another time.

Someday it will lead me back to You

Semi-Food Trip

I brought my camera today thinking it’s the best day for me to pig out and try out at least 5 stalls participating in the JSEC Challenge. During my first break, I went to the SEC-field and confused which to try first, I looked for someone who knew the good food and possibly 80% of stall owners there. So who’s this someone? The hyperactive Kit Ang!

He got me to taste this really cute unagi looking food which was prepared by his friend on the spot! It’s a big unagi sort of thing actually. It was spam, rice and nori. Really delicious! Try it out tomorrow during your free time! ๐Ÿ™‚

On my way to get my drink from another stall, he introduced me to his friend. It’s cute how Kit has super small eyes while his friend had her eyes wide open! Haha!I had milk tea from Robo I think? Can’t really remember the name of the stall. Best milk tea I have tasted in school since Buddha Bean actually!

I saw Ellie before I started eating and it was a surprise that she knows Kit! Apparently they train together or something. Badminton, I think? Kit left and I was with Ellie and her friend, Karla. Fun company, actually!

After some time Krista came but we didn’t get to bond much because we all had to go to our classes. And Krista, if ever you see this, I know this is not a flattering picture of you but it’s better than the other one I took! haha!

After Theo, I got hungry again and went back to the SEC-field. While looking at the stalls, two people managed to get my attention, Jone and Sophie. Apparently their stall is the one selling the hot dogs some of my friends have been wanting to taste! And it’s good ha!

Here’s Sophie being pretty and covering Jone! Haha!

Super satisfied with the food of the stalls I have tasted so far. Tomorrow I shall try Chicken Strip, Weezy’s Kebab and Wrap ‘n’ Roll! Hope they won’t disappoint!

Semi-Food Trip