Speeches. Platforms. and some Questions.

January 28, 2011

Ever since High School this time of the school year would always be one of my most anticipated ones (not counting the breaks, of course!) This time of the year would always be filled with discernment and surprises. It’s always nice to see people stepping up but it’s also nice to see people to step down to give opportunities for others.

Yesterday, we had our annual Miting de Avance where the 19 EB candidates presented their platforms and answered some mild, tough and very tough questions by the panel comprised of the incumbent EB (seniors and those not running: Roshni, Fara and I). We started at 4:30 and the presentations began!

Pre Miting de Avance Photos:

JonnDy and Froi! Two of my favorite MEAns! Congratulations for the successful elections!

Bien and MattLee, 2 of the many other ASLAns running for position. Apparently, the ACheS Miting de Avance was just on the room before us!

Miting de Avance time!

Fara and Mindy representing the CorRel Department!

Katz and Mon. Supposed to be a candid shot but Mon saw the camera…well how can you not notice a dSLR if it’s just 4 rulers away from you? Haha!

And now, the 19 EB Candidates!

JR and Isay were the first ones to face the Open Forum!

Krista, Liz, Dawn, Benny, Katie, Angel, Derrick, Ranamae.

Gayle, Gelo, Xea, Jonan, Mia, Ja, Bien, Al, Rem.

Paolo with his notebook filled with questions from cover to cover! Haha! Well not really, he just didn’t ran out of things to ask.

Despite the fact that the Miting de Avance was around 4 1/2 hours (4:30-9:00 PM), I can say that everything was worth it. Almost 2 1/2 hours of questions and answers. Some things were cleared up yet some things were left as is because of the lack of time. And I hope that the intense questions helped the candidates be more truly aware of the positions they’re running for. Hopefully πŸ™‚ So best of luck to all the candidates and to those who will not be elected, I hope that you will not lose passion in serving and leading the organization and its members.


And to end this post, I wish to impart you something I learned over the SemBreak:

“God calls you to the place where your DEEPEST GLADNESS and the world’s GREATEST HUNGER meet”

Speeches. Platforms. and some Questions.

Blueprint: Your Future Under Construction

January 22, 2011

ACTM had its Open House themed Blueprint: Your Future Under Construction where we invited some incoming Seniors to have a taste of ComTech Life.

Super fortunate that NSTP ended early and I got to school right away. Ate quick lunch then headed to the SocSci 1 and 2. The only parts I got to attend were the performances of talented ACTeaMers and a bit of Nate Dy-Liacco’s talk.

Here, John is singing to the participants. It so happened that all of them were girls! haha!

Jecee, Jonah and Ayna! Freshie ACTM volunteers!

Josh singing “Teenage Dream”! He asked me beforehand if he should sing “Teenage Dream” or “She Will Be Loved”. Dapat pa la “She Will Be Loved” na lang!

Den and Al! Cutie that Den used the iPod/iTouch as guide for lyrics. They sang an old song.

Then Al went solo and sang “Ako’y Sa’yo, Ika’y Akin”. A classic Filipino nakakikilig song. But the face of lady girl in pink was so funny I had to take a picture of it! haha! peace!!

Nate Dy-Liacco’s time. I learned a lot from his talk even if I didn’t finish it! Haha! Well it was nice to confirm what I learned over the Christmas break. So yay!

I wanna share. There’s this part he asked the participants something like if they’re a brand what would they be an why. The question has been asked before in this thing I attended and a girl joked “I would be the Bar…because I’m always open *wink*” Haha!

When he introduced himself he asked who came from Xavier and funny that Zyg and Sir Aly raised their hands. I just had to take a picture of them. Xavier represent? Haha!

Bibien, Trisha, Nikki, Mindy and Sir Aly goofing around! Haha!

Even if I wasn’t there the whole time, I can say that the project is a success. Hopefully though, women wouldn’t be the only ones in ComTech and more guys will be enticed to join. Well, if they find out a lot of girls are in ComTech, guys just might flock to our program :> Haha!

Good job Kirsty and Aea! and I am really sorry for all the hassle!

Blueprint: Your Future Under Construction

Take Me Away! A Hiding Place!

January 17-21, 2011

My org, ACTM, had its Tambay Week this week and may I just say that its really nice hanging out with the ACTeaMers without having the need to go to the 3rd floor of the MVP building. It was super fun because for a week ACTeaMers would go to Colayco Pav and play games, cram papers, talk and stuff, sleep, get LSS to “Pocketful of Sunshine”, flirt with people, know more people, etc!

These are some of the pictures I took while I spent the week with my fellow ACTeaMers.

Kim, Nowee, Trisha, Pao and Bibien being all serious with school work

Nikki and Trisha!

Look at the people from different batches but all in one table. Working. Eating. Playing.

Me, photobombing Kat’s and Kirsty’s photobooth picture. Hahaha!

Katz with a cat coin bank! Super corny/shallow but I wouldn’t let the opportunity to take a picture of Katz with a cat pass! haha!

The Tambay Week made me fully realize how much ACTeaMers love singing and jamming. As in swear to God. If I took pictures of every moment people sang and all that, I would have like at least one filled up Facebook album! Too bad though we didn’t have KTV or something. Maybe we should do that or something. Haha!

Josh playing the guitar while Rem was using the cajΓ³n. And yes, I had to Google just to get the right spelling! Haha! Issa on the background playing with a pillow. Haha!

It’s also nice to note that ACTM isn’t only the home org of ComTech Majors and the home of innovation, it is also home of the acoustic pop stars, Trisha and Paolo! Haha!

We had some games throughout the whole week but sadly I couldn’t be present in those due to schedule conflict. Although, there was this basketball hoop thing that was never removed until Friday. A real basketball wasn’t used though. We only had pink and green balls that were fun to throw at people.

Here you can see Josh having fun despite the fail attempts of having a picture taken airborne. HAHAHA!

We also had toys and other fun stuff there like the classic, jenga!

The cute magnetic fishing thing that is apparently still being sold in stores! This toy is very ’90’s! Super cute fishies! A great part of my childhood before GameBoy came into my life! haha! And the crocodile/alligator toy too where you push the teeth thingy. Too bad no one brought one!

and well, what kind of bonding would it be without cards right?? But Sarah used cards in a very different as she told me about my love life!

There’s hope for me! Though a lot of people and things and other stuff are preventing us from happening. Curse you people who don’t want us to be together!

Take Me Away! A Hiding Place!

ASLA Party

January 08, 2011

Last Saturday we had an ASLA Party at JQ’s house. It was really cool because there were ASLAns from all batches present; from ASLA 0 to ASLA 9 (woohoo!)!

I was semi-happy that NSTP finished early because kids didn’t show up. I was able to rest and finish some requirements early which I can say is good because I had to go to the party! Around 6PM, my mom and I left the house and went to the venue of the party. We kinda got lost, a bit. Not really surprised since mom is not familiar with the place and I have poor navigation skills. After some time I finally arrived and was very happy I wasn’t the early bird!

Weanne, Jethro, Martin were the 3 early birds from batch 9

We went to the food table and we started eating A LOT of isaw. Funny that Jethro didn’t think twice eating isaw considering it was his first time! Well, usually when I’m with my friends who haven’t eaten isaw and it’s their first time, they’ll hesitate and all pa. Jethro didn’t!

First isaw stick in his whole life!

More ASLAns came and the party started. A lot of fun stuff happened like Weanne’s bad luck burning a table

The older batches also vacated the swings so we carpe diem’d and went to the swings!

Yay for swings! Obviously I didn’t take the picture. Haha! Credits to Jolo! πŸ™‚ Oh and the girl I’m hugging isn’t my girlfriend. Just making that clear. haha! She’s Angelli! She’s one of my closest friends in ASLA. I get to talk to her about anything and everything. Yay for Angelli! \:D/

Oh and I noticed something. Why do people like sticking their tongues out when they want to do a wacky face? Hahaha! Well, I am guilty naman. Haha!

Misha came and since my friends love being photographed and I had a camera, decided to take a picture of them! Hahaha!

Then Myki, Billie, Tim and Matt finally arrived so we had another group pic! Actually this is the most complete group pic of ASLA 9 who went to the party… well Jolo left so 😐 and Cam Ang arrived later 😐

Finally a picture with Cam Ang! But like less people.Β oh and as much as I would love to credit whoever took our group photos, I can’t remember who did…if I even know who the person is, even! haha!

Well it was a great party and super fun. I saw like a lot of ASLAns I never saw in my whole life. ALSO, first time to taste Bacardi 151. One word: LAKAS. Some memorable stuff happened too, but I shall keep them out of the public’s eye. πŸ˜‰ Haha! Well, till next time!

ASLA Party

Random Trip to UP

January 7, 2011.

I decided to go around UP Diliman during my free time.

I left school around 12:20 and rode a jeep supposedly to go to UP…apparently, the jeep (there was a UP Campus-Katipunan sign, mind you!) wasn’t going to UP! Good thing I was able to go down and got another jeep which conveniently dropped me off in front one of the gates.

I walked around and called Ben to help me go to Bahay ng Alumni (I wanted to buy a slice of Devil’s Food Cake from Chocolate Kiss. Haha!)

I didn’t buy right at that moment though. Ben left and I opted to go around. I ate kwek kwek once I saw a street food vendor. Wished there was isaw, but they didn’t have any and during my trip, didn’t see any! 😦 Learned that isaw vendors arrive late-ish afternoon. Anyway, first order, and only order of business was to look for and suffocate hug one of my High School bestfriends.

I was so lost! as in MEGA lost! I walked around, asked for directions but fail. Decided to ride the Toki which I though would go outside the campus completely. Good thing it came back! HAHA! After like how long, finally got down by the College of Music and crossed the road to make it to Plaridel Hall. Saw Wacky then we walked to the UP Film Institute place because his classroom was there.

Too bad though that Wacky had class and couldn’t stay for long. Maybe next time I should bribe his prof to let him free for like an hour so we can go around or something.

I started walking around again and saw some fun stuff in UP! For example this bench thing which has some cute bars thingy. It would be nice to have something like this in Ateneo! Not something exactly like it, but something similar with some avant-garde design and a retractable “hood/ceiling” probably?


I found this trash can very cute and unique too! The chute looks like a chimney lang! Haha!

I also saw this cute thingy. Don’t know what it was exactly but it looks cute! And from this angle, it looks like some footwear or something. Haha!

UP Ikot! Couldn’t find any Toki that was just parked so I decided to take a picture of the next best thing! Haha!

After going around, I decided to go to Bahay ng Alumni again to buy a slice of cake! On my way out, I saw the cool stained glass thing which I remember I took a picture of last year when some of my blockmates and I went there too.


Anyway, I guess that’s it for this entry. I also saw some other cute stuff but I shall save those for my next adventure. Haha! Probably it’ll be this coming Friday, but not too sure yet. SOON though πŸ™‚

Random Trip to UP

Back from the Break


After how many days, we’re back to school and school load just appear everywhere! New deadlines to meet. Group works everywhere. Meetings here and there.


Anyway, today was the “High School Uniform Day” that my freshie friend came up with. Although I commend his efforts of broadcasting this to a lot of people, and mind you a lot of people were talking about it this morning and afternoon, I feel bad that it wasn’t able to affect behavior that much. In other words, only very few Ateneans did it (too bad I wasn’t able to picture anyone!) Sayang! I really wanted to take a picture of something interesting and that is why I loved my break before PE today.

I saw this on my way to my PE room. It really amused me specially since the whole Christmas break, a Harry Potter film would be playing nearly everyday! There was this day even that Harry Potter 1, 2 and 6 were shown in one day. Marathon much? Β But I wanted to see HP4 again, I really loved that film.

What also amused me to day is my friend, Nikki’s new hairdo. She made her hair wavy/curly. She didn’t want to remove the scrunchy, maybe next week she’ll finally remove it. Haha! I’m hoping!!


I realized that people in the block are getting new hairdos! My most favorite hairdo would be Sassy’s. She really pulled off the pixie cut well. She had it last month pa though and I hope she keeps it for a long time. Until grad sana! HAHA! But…well it’s not Emma Watson pixie. But it’s like a pixie/boy cut. Too bad I wasn’t able to take a picture of it. Next time!

But aside from Platform 9 3/4 and the hairdo of Nikki, I was also amused by the fact that I ALWAYS fix my hair during PE. Just realized it now! Good thing Self-Defense is in the room with mirrors at the LS Covered Courts. Pero grabe, hindi talaga bagay sa akin mag martial arts if not Wu Shu or Tai Chi. I look so awkward! :))

Hmm… SCI10 was a bummer because our prof gave back our LT1 papers. EWW. Don’t like my grade. FIL 14, I must admit that I enjoy ma’am Santos’ lectures. She’s funny and she knows when to inject hirits here and there. COM12 was normal. Nothing out of the ordinary other than the fact that I was able to recite. Haha! For LS10. I enjoyed it though at one point I wanted to sleep because I lacked sleep (only 4 hours!). Need to get my body clock fixed soon!

To finish this entry, I want to leave you guys a question which I got-ish from my LS prof,

Alam mo ba na may Red Light District sa Katipunan? πŸ˜‰

Back from the Break

Search for My Next Camera!

This afternoon, I tried looking for the charger of my old trust digital camera a Sony M-2. Despite it is only 5.1 megapixels, it can really take some nice shots too. Although it has grainy and red-eye tendencies. But Those can be resolved by photoshop anyway!

I miss using it because it’s very portable not that my dSLR is not but, Aki is really heavy specially whenever I bring my 55-200mm lens (which I bring just in case I see something fancy and I want to take a picture of it). It can also take pretty decent videos but nothing beats HD video cameras (except for some dSLRs which can take video too. haha!). Sad to say, I wasn’t able to find the charger and I think the charger for its battery is not being sold anymore (need to do field research on this).

Due to my fail search for the charger, I really got into thinking what if I just buy a new camera? I have been eyeing some cameras anyway. Take for example, the Diana F+

got this from the Diana Lomography Microsite

I have been wanting to have one since 2009 and even when I had the money to buy it, I simply didn’t because it’s really expensive, I might accidentally destroy it (since it’s a toy-ish camera) and I don’t think mother will support me because film plus having the film processed will be expensive. So there goes my dreams on having one…until I wake up one day with it. But what are the odds of that, right?

got this from the Blackbird, Fly Camera site
got this from the Lomography website









I also saw this cute toy TLR camera called the “Blackbird” which really reminds me of the Gakkenflex(left). It really attracted me because it looks different from the usual toy cameras it has that vintage-y feel. Three problems though,

first, it’s more expensive than a Diana F+, second, it looks rather bulky and, third, I’m not even sure if it’s being sold here in the Philippines! 😦 When will our country be as awesome as Japan and Hong Kong with their plethora of cute but sometimes useless stuff?


got this from the Polaroid site

Polaroid PoGo Instant digital camera. I don’t mind the expensiveness of it ($200) because unlike the toy cameras, it’s digital AND it can also act as a polaroid. Neat isn’t it? I saw one in Rockwell the other day but we were rushing so I wasn’t able to have a closer look at it but it really looks sleek. I wonder though if the quality of the image would be nice when printed out, and of course even when it’s stored.


Well, to be honest, this is like the 10th time I have considered getting another camera so I don’t need to bring my dSLR even on regular days when I’m not so sure if I’ll even use it. Some weeks from now I bet I wouldn’t even be thinking about it because I’d probably realize that I should rather invest on my dSLR, like get more lenses, my own speedlite and other stuff I need. Ohwell. I guess until I get all the stuff that will make me happy with my dSLR, I shall not think about these other cameras. Haha!

Search for My Next Camera!