ASLA Party

January 08, 2011

Last Saturday we had an ASLA Party at JQ’s house. It was really cool because there were ASLAns from all batches present; from ASLA 0 to ASLA 9 (woohoo!)!

I was semi-happy that NSTP finished early because kids didn’t show up. I was able to rest and finish some requirements early which I can say is good because I had to go to the party! Around 6PM, my mom and I left the house and went to the venue of the party. We kinda got lost, a bit. Not really surprised since mom is not familiar with the place and I have poor navigation skills. After some time I finally arrived and was very happy I wasn’t the early bird!

Weanne, Jethro, Martin were the 3 early birds from batch 9

We went to the food table and we started eating A LOT of isaw. Funny that Jethro didn’t think twice eating isaw considering it was his first time! Well, usually when I’m with my friends who haven’t eaten isaw and it’s their first time, they’ll hesitate and all pa. Jethro didn’t!

First isaw stick in his whole life!

More ASLAns came and the party started. A lot of fun stuff happened like Weanne’s bad luck burning a table

The older batches also vacated the swings so we carpe diem’d and went to the swings!

Yay for swings! Obviously I didn’t take the picture. Haha! Credits to Jolo! 🙂 Oh and the girl I’m hugging isn’t my girlfriend. Just making that clear. haha! She’s Angelli! She’s one of my closest friends in ASLA. I get to talk to her about anything and everything. Yay for Angelli! \:D/

Oh and I noticed something. Why do people like sticking their tongues out when they want to do a wacky face? Hahaha! Well, I am guilty naman. Haha!

Misha came and since my friends love being photographed and I had a camera, decided to take a picture of them! Hahaha!

Then Myki, Billie, Tim and Matt finally arrived so we had another group pic! Actually this is the most complete group pic of ASLA 9 who went to the party… well Jolo left so 😐 and Cam Ang arrived later 😐

Finally a picture with Cam Ang! But like less people. oh and as much as I would love to credit whoever took our group photos, I can’t remember who did…if I even know who the person is, even! haha!

Well it was a great party and super fun. I saw like a lot of ASLAns I never saw in my whole life. ALSO, first time to taste Bacardi 151. One word: LAKAS. Some memorable stuff happened too, but I shall keep them out of the public’s eye. 😉 Haha! Well, till next time!

ASLA Party

My 2011 Resolutions

January 2, 2011

Last December 26, 2010, I asked my friends for suggestions for Resolutions for me this 2011. I am happy that my friends suggested stuff and I promise I will try my best to really keep these stuff in mind.

First off, my 15 resolutions I set for myself.

And now, I present you most of the resolutions suggested by my friends. No specific order.

  1. Go out more with our “children” (freshies)
  2. Continue giving hugs and making other people smile
  3. Keep all good traits
  4. Be bubblier
  5. Be a TnT again
  6. Have a lean body. Get abs if possible.
  7. Stay super duper awesome
  8. Be truly honest with people
  9. Show professors that you truly appreciate them
  10. Read books for pleasure
  11. Continue being friendly
  12. Stay the same
  13. Keep my “oh-so-bright” greetings
  14. Find a special someone already
  15. Watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in a big HD TV
  16. Make ComTech win the SOM Games
  17. Treat friends
  18. Continue being energetic and jolly
  19. Continue being hardworking but devote time to rest too
  20. Get an extra hour of sleep
  21. Party hard, Study harder
  22. Watch all the movies of my favorite director in one seating
  23. Make the most epic wish on 11/11/11 11:11:11
  24. Play basketball with guy blockmates.
  25. Do something wild with my hair
  26. Don’t be too emo
  27. Message a random friend I haven’t talked to for weeks or months
  28. Give up something I know I will find hard to give up
  29. Don’t let a week pass without doing something crazy
  30. Run around school with the sprinklers on
  31. Smile more. Be happy more and continue making others happy
  32. Keep on smiling
  33. Don’t overstress
  34. Remain confident in myself and in my abilities
  35. Change the world in my own little way
  36. Joke more often than usual
  37. Save money. Open my own bank account. Invest money somewhere after graduation
  38. Stay bubbly and optimistic
  39. Hug a lot more people
  40. Keep spreading ripples
  41. Keep the fire burning, and if ever it feels like it’s going to die down, ignite the spark once again! Keep finding what moves and motivates you and live for that, among other things
  42. Keep smiling
  43. Live each day to the fullest
  44. Continue to inspire
  45. Masmadals na magsalita sa wikang Filipino
  46. Hug less
  47. Don’t be too friendly
  48. Stop always reaching out to others
  49. Lessen making friends
  50. Stop saying jokes

So those are some of the 50 resolutions my friends have given me. I will try my best to do all those and I will find a way to sort out contradicting suggestions. Sorry that I didn’t place all, some were personal and some are just not meant to be posted. Haha!

My 2011 Resolutions