Down from The Hill before We Fly

August 1, 2011

Last week, Cam Ang invited all of us JTAers to go to Bulacan for a quick visit at the Gawad Kalinga Center for Social Innovation. Being the always game for anything, I woke up quite early (5:45 am) to get to school at the supposed call time at 7 am but due to unforeseen traffic, I arrived around 7:30 am. I didn’t expect to know anyone actually and I was hesitant to go just because of that. But thank God that didn’t stop me from going.

After more than an hour’s worth of road trip, we finally reached Enchanted Farm in Bulacan.Kath, Aloy, Pearl, Timmy, CamAng, Hye Won, Melody and Natasska(both not in the picture) were my van-mates. Really fun company!

We were all given a tour around the area and it’s a very interesting place, so much potential to grow into something really grand. We saw the sites for different ventures and they were really interesting like the bamboo bike one and the bamboo palace site. And I would love to share those photos with you but I’d rather you go there for yourself and see how amazing the place is. Haha! You can, however, look at how cute some of the animals there were!

The one on the left was protecting golden eggs! Haha! No kidding. I think she/he was really because golden eggs is one of the ventures πŸ™‚Cute! It’s really a dream of mine to take care of goats inside my dream house! Just wanted to share haha!

And of course taking a field trip-esque picture was a must!

We had some taste test thing after where we learned of different food ventures like the chocolate bar and the health tea and such. We were then told that we’ll play some sort of game and we were okay with it, I mean like hey, we be learning new stuff and now we have a game? HAHA! Fun! Although it was such a challenge! Eating one chili made me remember back in High School how painful the experience was! Haha! We were under the rain looking for eggs all over the area and it was enjoyable even if it was mega raining! haha!

Anj acting like a scarecrow wearing a raincoat!

We went back to shaded place and we had lunch! I got to eat lunch with Jillian, Joss, Kevin, Kerwin, Aloy and Rocky although it wasΒ  practically me, Jillian bonding and from time to time Kevin and Joss joined in HAHA!

Anj and Aloy, the Sciences Po people!After lunch we gathered at this place and one of the people from the place shared the vision of GK CSI and it really made me consider to go for social entrepreneurship but I think it’s too soon for me to really lock into it. However, I am still for the society as I have been since God who knows when.

We got to plant passion fruits and our “egg capsules” and we’ll visit back on January to check up on those. We went back and quite spontaneously, 2 more people shared some stuff to us and once again I’m just amazed at how people really give up so much pleasures and would’ve been pleasures so they can help out in society better. And I applaud them for that. Really moving πŸ™‚

And I’m thankful yet again for how this whole JTA thing is going for me and a lot of other people. Hats off to Cam Ang and Ryan for pulling this simple yet effective trip for all of us. πŸ™‚

Down from The Hill before We Fly

asLOVE dinner

February 24, 2011

Last night, some of my ASLA batchmates and I went to Cam Ang’s mansion for a simple yet fun-filled get-together. I thought I’d be super mega early…thankfully not! Β The early birds who were there were Martin, Weanne, Billie and Esa! Martin, pimpin’ haha!

We decided to set up the stuff already so CamAng brought out her extension cord socket thingy and we kept on poking fun at it! We had a fun time trying to further extend it because apparently it could be as long as 4 times the size of CamAng. Haha!

More people started to arrive (Tim, Lauren, Rica, Cheska, Matt). More food arrived as well!

Esa finally got her rice that night! Haha!

We started eating after. First thing we devoured was pizza and finally! I’m in a group shot! haha!

While having dinner we were just sharing ghost stories. Odd topic for a get-together but it was still amusing! To be honest, I was so paranoid the whole time when I got home. Haha! Elijah arrived after some time.

Bigger group shots which Elijah took. Jolo wasn’t there yet that time so he’s not in any of the pictures 😦

let’s have a more complete one next time, yes? πŸ™‚ See you guys around!

asLOVE dinner

ASLA Party

January 08, 2011

Last Saturday we had an ASLA Party at JQ’s house. It was really cool because there were ASLAns from all batches present; from ASLA 0 to ASLA 9 (woohoo!)!

I was semi-happy that NSTP finished early because kids didn’t show up. I was able to rest and finish some requirements early which I can say is good because I had to go to the party! Around 6PM, my mom and I left the house and went to the venue of the party. We kinda got lost, a bit. Not really surprised since mom is not familiar with the place and I have poor navigation skills. After some time I finally arrived and was very happy I wasn’t the early bird!

Weanne, Jethro, Martin were the 3 early birds from batch 9

We went to the food table and we started eating A LOT of isaw. Funny that Jethro didn’t think twice eating isaw considering it was his first time! Well, usually when I’m with my friends who haven’t eaten isaw and it’s their first time, they’ll hesitate and all pa. Jethro didn’t!

First isaw stick in his whole life!

More ASLAns came and the party started. A lot of fun stuff happened like Weanne’s bad luck burning a table

The older batches also vacated the swings so we carpe diem’d and went to the swings!

Yay for swings! Obviously I didn’t take the picture. Haha! Credits to Jolo! πŸ™‚ Oh and the girl I’m hugging isn’t my girlfriend. Just making that clear. haha! She’s Angelli! She’s one of my closest friends in ASLA. I get to talk to her about anything and everything. Yay for Angelli! \:D/

Oh and I noticed something. Why do people like sticking their tongues out when they want to do a wacky face? Hahaha! Well, I am guilty naman. Haha!

Misha came and since my friends love being photographed and I had a camera, decided to take a picture of them! Hahaha!

Then Myki, Billie, Tim and Matt finally arrived so we had another group pic! Actually this is the most complete group pic of ASLA 9 who went to the party… well Jolo left so 😐 and Cam Ang arrived later 😐

Finally a picture with Cam Ang! But like less people.Β oh and as much as I would love to credit whoever took our group photos, I can’t remember who did…if I even know who the person is, even! haha!

Well it was a great party and super fun. I saw like a lot of ASLAns I never saw in my whole life. ALSO, first time to taste Bacardi 151. One word: LAKAS. Some memorable stuff happened too, but I shall keep them out of the public’s eye. πŸ˜‰ Haha! Well, till next time!

ASLA Party