Down from The Hill before We Fly

August 1, 2011

Last week, Cam Ang invited all of us JTAers to go to Bulacan for a quick visit at the Gawad Kalinga Center for Social Innovation. Being the always game for anything, I woke up quite early (5:45 am) to get to school at the supposed call time at 7 am but due to unforeseen traffic, I arrived around 7:30 am. I didn’t expect to know anyone actually and I was hesitant to go just because of that. But thank God that didn’t stop me from going.

After more than an hour’s worth of road trip, we finally reached Enchanted Farm in Bulacan.Kath, Aloy, Pearl, Timmy, CamAng, Hye Won, Melody and Natasska(both not in the picture) were my van-mates. Really fun company!

We were all given a tour around the area and it’s a very interesting place, so much potential to grow into something really grand. We saw the sites for different ventures and they were really interesting like the bamboo bike one and the bamboo palace site. And I would love to share those photos with you but I’d rather you go there for yourself and see how amazing the place is. Haha! You can, however, look at how cute some of the animals there were!

The one on the left was protecting golden eggs! Haha! No kidding. I think she/he was really because golden eggs is one of the ventures πŸ™‚Cute! It’s really a dream of mine to take care of goats inside my dream house! Just wanted to share haha!

And of course taking a field trip-esque picture was a must!

We had some taste test thing after where we learned of different food ventures like the chocolate bar and the health tea and such. We were then told that we’ll play some sort of game and we were okay with it, I mean like hey, we be learning new stuff and now we have a game? HAHA! Fun! Although it was such a challenge! Eating one chili made me remember back in High School how painful the experience was! Haha! We were under the rain looking for eggs all over the area and it was enjoyable even if it was mega raining! haha!

Anj acting like a scarecrow wearing a raincoat!

We went back to shaded place and we had lunch! I got to eat lunch with Jillian, Joss, Kevin, Kerwin, Aloy and Rocky although it wasΒ  practically me, Jillian bonding and from time to time Kevin and Joss joined in HAHA!

Anj and Aloy, the Sciences Po people!After lunch we gathered at this place and one of the people from the place shared the vision of GK CSI and it really made me consider to go for social entrepreneurship but I think it’s too soon for me to really lock into it. However, I am still for the society as I have been since God who knows when.

We got to plant passion fruits and our “egg capsules” and we’ll visit back on January to check up on those. We went back and quite spontaneously, 2 more people shared some stuff to us and once again I’m just amazed at how people really give up so much pleasures and would’ve been pleasures so they can help out in society better. And I applaud them for that. Really moving πŸ™‚

And I’m thankful yet again for how this whole JTA thing is going for me and a lot of other people. Hats off to Cam Ang and Ryan for pulling this simple yet effective trip for all of us. πŸ™‚

Down from The Hill before We Fly

The Sem That Was

More than a week has passed since we officially ended our first JTA Sem…and honestly I can’t believe I survived that sem. Right now I have a rough estimate of my grades, I actually anticipated my grades to be somewhere like this. Really hoping it won’t make my cumulative dip so low. But the sem’s done and there’s the second JTA sem for me to make a comeback (and that has been the case for the past 2 school years).

I would like to thank my professors who have been patient with us and who have spent so much time teaching us and, for some, bonding with us. Really thankful to have these professors because they have been quite generous to us and they really understood what we were all going through.

POM102 with MAC JTAers and our prof Sir Allan Ko.

Such a great time with OpMan because our prof’s really awesome and we were able to befriend our MAC classmates right away. OpMan will be unforgettable because of the IMBA long tests filled with calculations and numbers. (Really not a fan of numbers HAHA) Discussions were always interesting and really made time fly (take note, that we had 2 hours/class). Sir Allan is also such a nice guy! One time Dominic and I went to Eastwood and we saw sir by the parking lot and we greeted him! And take note that was like around the first 3 weeks of classes! Haha! He also went to our small picnic earlier on the sem. ALSO he’s the prof who’s active in our FB accounts haha! Thank you sir Allan for making OpMan fun! πŸ™‚

CS175 with Fr. Charlie

CS175 was the class I most looked forward to after Marketing. It was probably the first time I was really able to put my artistic self into some good use ever since I stepped into college. It was fun doing all exercises and I’m sorry Father (no, not for I have sinned) but because most of the time I fly solo except for the start in flash. Haha! CS175 was really fun with Fr. Charlie because he made things simple but memorable. Very approachable and he’s always there to lend a helping hand. I will never forget having to stay up awake finishing the video project because the laptop I used was crazy as it couldn’t handle Premiere Pro as well as my old laptop did. Nonetheless, despite the noobish editing, Fr. Charlie was able to appreciate it. Thank you Fr. Charlie for making me put my artsy self back through CS175! πŸ™‚

PH101 with MGT-H JTAers and Sir Michael Aurelio

Philo was the class I was looking forward to but I knew I would be mindraped every time…andΒ  it’s partially true. HAHA. We originally had Sir Tolentino but at one point he left for studies, I think though he’ll be back this January 2012. Philo was a bit challenging because I had to re-read the readings multiple times just for me to semi-understand what it’s trying to say. Whenever we have lecture I the semi-understand changes to understand. HAHA. Well yeah, with the prof’s input as well as everyone else’s everything becomes clearer for me. And I’m thankful for that. Under sir Michael, Philo became easier I guess because of the readings. The quizzes well they were a bit challenging. I had a 0 in one quiz 😦 But PH101 under sir Michael will be unforgettable for two things. First, it was my first time to fall asleep in any LT ever. HAHA. Second, despite my really dumb orals, I got a decent grade! Haha! Because of sir Michael I learned to wait to be enlightened again. So I guess, for that, thank you sir Michael and hope to see you around! πŸ™‚

FIN102 with Ms. Marion Tan

The class I least looked forward to. I hate numbers as in really HAHA. With ma’am Marion, however, I felt that I can actually solve stuff on my own! My grades aren’t high but it’s an achievement I guess for me not to be failing in an all numbers class! I can say that probably had I owned a natural display calculator, my life would’ve been easier, as in totally! It was just so difficult using a plain scientific because it’s like being primitive… everyone else could solve right away and I’m like typing and typing HAHA. But Finance was fun to an extent because we get to help each other out learn stuff and everything. Ma’am Marion, well I’m thankful that she’s our Finance prof and thank God we have a female prof HAHA! She was very understanding and patient with us. She helped us understand stuff better and she pushed us sometimes so we can be better. For that, thank you Ma’am Marion πŸ™‚

MKT 101 with (a few)ME JTAers and Sir Wilson Gan

Ah yes, the class I most looked forward to, Marketing. Marketing was fun despite the difficult to do WACs and the bloody papers. Actually, having it at Friday night and Saturday morning wasn’t so bad after all considering a 6 hour break every Friday. I would really miss all the commercials that were shown and seriously, it really made me want to go to advertising after college, but I’m still open to anything. I can say that probably it took time before we got to really get to know our ME classmates compared to everyone else. The whole time we really thought they didn’t want to mingle but apparently some felt we were cliquish. HAHA! Sir Wilson Gan’s a really great cheerful guy and he provided us much assistance along the way in all of our papers and there’s improvement a. I will never forget this one 6-8PM class when we were just all so crazy and he didn’t mind at all! Sir Wilson, thank you for sticking with us despite our insanity πŸ™‚

There’s so much to be thankful for, really and I guess the most significant ones are those I went to the battlefield with. It was a tough time all throughout but these girls and guys really made every moment worth with. Made every all nighter worth it. Made every responsibility more tolerable. Made me feel…at home again in school. They have helped me realize a lot of things and have been there through the tough times as well as the great ones. Thank you so much, I’m eternally grateful. πŸ™‚

Dianne and Carissa from Block R’13

Mon, Pamcy and Jonan from Block R1’13

Jade, Camille, Mai, Trisha, Fielle, Sarah and Iris from Block R2’13

Apple the lone one from Block R3’13

Dominic, Maia, Gianna and I from Block R4’13.

And now we carry on to our respective countries πŸ™‚ Dominic and Maia, enjoy Singapore and do bond with Kenley, Marco and the other Singaporeans! Apple will be there soon so yeah don’t be cliquish! haha!

The Sem That Was

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

February 3, 2011


Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! I’m 1/6 Chinese so I think I’m still allowed to greet people that and wear red? HAHA! So how did I celebrate Chinese New Year? Well I didn’t. haha! Just went on with my usual school life. It was a fun day actually. Why?

Saw some of my freshies playing ultimate and I semi-joined them. Haha! RJ and Mark

Kaye who kept on hitting walls. Haha!

Found Mark’s way of throwing it fun so took a picture. Haha!

Went to my shift as well for the ACTM Elections

The first two people who voted during my shift were JV and Jessie. Just realized now they can actually be a couple. They look cute o.

The ballots. Super colorful! Go Nikki and Trisha! Haha!

To end this entry, I think it’s just fitting to place this photo which I took in my PSY 101 classroom. I actually don’t know what it says but I think it’s like Happy New Year or something. Haha!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!