I’m back from Singapore

I got home from Singapore on April 12 around 1:30 am. Had to be in school around 10 am for errands, an interview and a meeting. Such a crazy day!
First, I just confirmed my schedule and it’s totally crazy! I am hoping Sir Wilson Gan will reconsider the schedule of our Marketing class and make it Monday-Wednesday afternoon. Stress to have a Friday night class and a Saturday morning class! I am hoping for fun classmates from other blocks. I know that my ComTech JTA blockmates are fun already so yeah. Haha!

I went to MVP 101 to pay for my locker violation thing. Totally wasn’t aware of it! But I really hoped that my black cardigan was inside because since the last day of classes, I really couldn’t find it. Thankfully, my cardigan was inside my locker! Didn’t care if I had to pay 200, I really love my cardigan!

I went to my ACTM Finance Core interview after and I could say it was really fun! although I can say that, it’s my worst interview ever. As in I was just so messy! Thank God Inno’s nice and was totally cool about it. I trike’d to Boulevard Diner to have lunch with Rem, Gayle, Nikki and Trisha. I was so lost! The trike driver was super annoying even! He wanted me to pay him 75 pesos! Crazy! Gave him 50 since I stressed him out a bit.

It was a small resto with good food. Although it might be pricey for some, you should totally try it out! It was so nice to lunch out with them! Really missed seeing these people!

Afternoon I waited for a bit and met up with Josh and Krista for our first ever 1st General Assembly! Agpoon was there for a bit. Really happy I saw them! And I am really psyched for the 1st GA, it’ll be really awesome :>

Yesterday, I went to school late afternoon for a meeting with the OrSem ENT people. I met with Eljohn first and he gave me this slip of paper for our meeting on Saturday. I then met with Bernice who is my very awesome Irwin head! Haha! After our quick meeting, I rushed to the OIR to ask about classes available in the school I’ll be going to. Got super bummed that most of the classes I wished to take are only available during the Spring Semester 😦

Went to the OPS room for the ENT meeting which Paten headed. Before the meeting though Al and I got to talk about many random stuff. Really missed this Korean Chinese guy considering we worked together a lot of times last school year. The ice breaker was really sabaw and by that I mean it took up 1/3 of the whole duration of our meeting, or maybe 1/4. It’s fun and effective! I now know all the names of the people there!

Al is the side-viewed one. He looks more Korean than Chinese!

Can’t wait for OrSem! Feels weird though, to be honest, to not be a TnT. 😦 Although I know I will enjoy being in ENT, after all OrSem is not about me and my growth, but about the incoming freshmen. Really excited for them but I’m just so </3 that I have classes during OrSem. Really hoping profs will give us free cuts!

I’m back from Singapore

Take (it) Off!

Last night, ACTM had its Seniors’ Sendoff: Take (it) Off! It’s not a super official project of the org (but I think it should be. Haha!) which we started planning for a few weeks ago. It’s funny because the idea started last year when some of the senior EB would tell us how nice it’d be if we threw a sendoff. Haha!

Vic, Trisha, Nikki, Isabelle, Bit

Iyay, Mindy, Kim hiding bottles of wonders. HAHA!

The girls again with Ap, Dennis and (insert name here) Haha! Didn’t get his name!

The members of Team Steamy were there to grace us with their IMC-ness! Nikki, Trisha, Paolo, Gayle and Xea! I think your cash prize should be added to the org’s funds!

Some of the Juniors present last night. Katie, Derrick, Vi-Ann, Cara, Xea, Mia, Rana, Gelo and Roshni!

The Freshmen! Mikko, Josh, Cheska, Andrea and the diva, JR!

Kim, Trisha and Jackie! Super happy that Jackie is now into photography!

Hans, Mindy, Iyay, Kim and Dennis!

Outgoing president, Gillian with Iyay and Kim! Hottest Female President nominee! Haha!

Of course, incoming president, Rem was present! The org will be in good hands this coming school year! 🙂

Isay was the “flight attendant” of the night.

Bien-Bien with her power to make anyone drink! Haha!
There are more pictures, of course which you can check out in my FB.

It’s one of the last moments I’d have with the seniors and I am super regretting not being able to mega bond with them. But I guess that gives me enough reason to go wild and whatever this coming March 5 in VERGE: Lucky Thirteen 🙂 Click the photo for the FB Event page. Everyone can go! 🙂

made by the ACTM CSP Department

I can’t go emo for now because of how heavy this coming week is, but just you guys wait. I will try my best to make people at least shed a tear 🙂 See you guys this Saturday!

Take (it) Off!

Sweet Sweet Sweet Victory!

February 4, 2011

Bad way to start the day but while the day progressed, total happiness. After 11:30, I was done with all my classes and the fun and all degrees of happiness just came and filled my day.

SWEETS! First time to buy from Candy Corner this morning for the week considering they’ve been in school the WHOLE week. Haha! Strawberry strips thingy. A Jalapeño/Banana shaped thingy. And a semi-ellipse thingy. Should’ve bought more! 😦

Trisha and Nikki manning the elections table!  I just noticed that these two women always appear in my blog! Haha!

Greg, Nikki and Paolo before leaving CTC-SOM Walkway.

Water Balloons prepared by Management batchmates! Super festive colors! SWEETNESS.

Cool thing! I saw Martin today while he was checking his seat for his ACC30 Long Test. Accompanied him to the SOM photocopy place. HE’S SO NARCISSISTIC! HAHA! Well he took pictures of me but I look so sabog, as usual, so I won’t post it here. Haha! Anyway, I really think that if one will do a photo shoot with Martin, the photographer will have a fun time because of all the crazy poses Martin will be able to think of. Haha!

Afternoon, SOM CUP 2011 closing. ComTech won in a lot of events (no surprise! haha!) Evening, we went bowling at the bowling place in Eastwood. Fun although it was the worst game in my bowling history. Haha! 35?? It was cool to bowl with a prof though. Sir Zab Jimenez, thank you for playing with us! Really appreciate it!

Oh and ComTech are the champions again for SOM Games! Yay!

To end, just want to share that it was so cool that for the first time ever, I saw the disco balls there in “action”. What a great day! 🙂

Sweet Sweet Sweet Victory!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

February 3, 2011


Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! I’m 1/6 Chinese so I think I’m still allowed to greet people that and wear red? HAHA! So how did I celebrate Chinese New Year? Well I didn’t. haha! Just went on with my usual school life. It was a fun day actually. Why?

Saw some of my freshies playing ultimate and I semi-joined them. Haha! RJ and Mark

Kaye who kept on hitting walls. Haha!

Found Mark’s way of throwing it fun so took a picture. Haha!

Went to my shift as well for the ACTM Elections

The first two people who voted during my shift were JV and Jessie. Just realized now they can actually be a couple. They look cute o.

The ballots. Super colorful! Go Nikki and Trisha! Haha!

To end this entry, I think it’s just fitting to place this photo which I took in my PSY 101 classroom. I actually don’t know what it says but I think it’s like Happy New Year or something. Haha!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Blueprint: Your Future Under Construction

January 22, 2011

ACTM had its Open House themed Blueprint: Your Future Under Construction where we invited some incoming Seniors to have a taste of ComTech Life.

Super fortunate that NSTP ended early and I got to school right away. Ate quick lunch then headed to the SocSci 1 and 2. The only parts I got to attend were the performances of talented ACTeaMers and a bit of Nate Dy-Liacco’s talk.

Here, John is singing to the participants. It so happened that all of them were girls! haha!

Jecee, Jonah and Ayna! Freshie ACTM volunteers!

Josh singing “Teenage Dream”! He asked me beforehand if he should sing “Teenage Dream” or “She Will Be Loved”. Dapat pa la “She Will Be Loved” na lang!

Den and Al! Cutie that Den used the iPod/iTouch as guide for lyrics. They sang an old song.

Then Al went solo and sang “Ako’y Sa’yo, Ika’y Akin”. A classic Filipino nakakikilig song. But the face of lady girl in pink was so funny I had to take a picture of it! haha! peace!!

Nate Dy-Liacco’s time. I learned a lot from his talk even if I didn’t finish it! Haha! Well it was nice to confirm what I learned over the Christmas break. So yay!

I wanna share. There’s this part he asked the participants something like if they’re a brand what would they be an why. The question has been asked before in this thing I attended and a girl joked “I would be the Bar…because I’m always open *wink*” Haha!

When he introduced himself he asked who came from Xavier and funny that Zyg and Sir Aly raised their hands. I just had to take a picture of them. Xavier represent? Haha!

Bibien, Trisha, Nikki, Mindy and Sir Aly goofing around! Haha!

Even if I wasn’t there the whole time, I can say that the project is a success. Hopefully though, women wouldn’t be the only ones in ComTech and more guys will be enticed to join. Well, if they find out a lot of girls are in ComTech, guys just might flock to our program :> Haha!

Good job Kirsty and Aea! and I am really sorry for all the hassle!

Blueprint: Your Future Under Construction

Take Me Away! A Hiding Place!

January 17-21, 2011

My org, ACTM, had its Tambay Week this week and may I just say that its really nice hanging out with the ACTeaMers without having the need to go to the 3rd floor of the MVP building. It was super fun because for a week ACTeaMers would go to Colayco Pav and play games, cram papers, talk and stuff, sleep, get LSS to “Pocketful of Sunshine”, flirt with people, know more people, etc!

These are some of the pictures I took while I spent the week with my fellow ACTeaMers.

Kim, Nowee, Trisha, Pao and Bibien being all serious with school work

Nikki and Trisha!

Look at the people from different batches but all in one table. Working. Eating. Playing.

Me, photobombing Kat’s and Kirsty’s photobooth picture. Hahaha!

Katz with a cat coin bank! Super corny/shallow but I wouldn’t let the opportunity to take a picture of Katz with a cat pass! haha!

The Tambay Week made me fully realize how much ACTeaMers love singing and jamming. As in swear to God. If I took pictures of every moment people sang and all that, I would have like at least one filled up Facebook album! Too bad though we didn’t have KTV or something. Maybe we should do that or something. Haha!

Josh playing the guitar while Rem was using the cajón. And yes, I had to Google just to get the right spelling! Haha! Issa on the background playing with a pillow. Haha!

It’s also nice to note that ACTM isn’t only the home org of ComTech Majors and the home of innovation, it is also home of the acoustic pop stars, Trisha and Paolo! Haha!

We had some games throughout the whole week but sadly I couldn’t be present in those due to schedule conflict. Although, there was this basketball hoop thing that was never removed until Friday. A real basketball wasn’t used though. We only had pink and green balls that were fun to throw at people.

Here you can see Josh having fun despite the fail attempts of having a picture taken airborne. HAHAHA!

We also had toys and other fun stuff there like the classic, jenga!

The cute magnetic fishing thing that is apparently still being sold in stores! This toy is very ’90’s! Super cute fishies! A great part of my childhood before GameBoy came into my life! haha! And the crocodile/alligator toy too where you push the teeth thingy. Too bad no one brought one!

and well, what kind of bonding would it be without cards right?? But Sarah used cards in a very different as she told me about my love life!

There’s hope for me! Though a lot of people and things and other stuff are preventing us from happening. Curse you people who don’t want us to be together!

Take Me Away! A Hiding Place!

Back from the Break


After how many days, we’re back to school and school load just appear everywhere! New deadlines to meet. Group works everywhere. Meetings here and there.


Anyway, today was the “High School Uniform Day” that my freshie friend came up with. Although I commend his efforts of broadcasting this to a lot of people, and mind you a lot of people were talking about it this morning and afternoon, I feel bad that it wasn’t able to affect behavior that much. In other words, only very few Ateneans did it (too bad I wasn’t able to picture anyone!) Sayang! I really wanted to take a picture of something interesting and that is why I loved my break before PE today.

I saw this on my way to my PE room. It really amused me specially since the whole Christmas break, a Harry Potter film would be playing nearly everyday! There was this day even that Harry Potter 1, 2 and 6 were shown in one day. Marathon much?  But I wanted to see HP4 again, I really loved that film.

What also amused me to day is my friend, Nikki’s new hairdo. She made her hair wavy/curly. She didn’t want to remove the scrunchy, maybe next week she’ll finally remove it. Haha! I’m hoping!!


I realized that people in the block are getting new hairdos! My most favorite hairdo would be Sassy’s. She really pulled off the pixie cut well. She had it last month pa though and I hope she keeps it for a long time. Until grad sana! HAHA! But…well it’s not Emma Watson pixie. But it’s like a pixie/boy cut. Too bad I wasn’t able to take a picture of it. Next time!

But aside from Platform 9 3/4 and the hairdo of Nikki, I was also amused by the fact that I ALWAYS fix my hair during PE. Just realized it now! Good thing Self-Defense is in the room with mirrors at the LS Covered Courts. Pero grabe, hindi talaga bagay sa akin mag martial arts if not Wu Shu or Tai Chi. I look so awkward! :))

Hmm… SCI10 was a bummer because our prof gave back our LT1 papers. EWW. Don’t like my grade. FIL 14, I must admit that I enjoy ma’am Santos’ lectures. She’s funny and she knows when to inject hirits here and there. COM12 was normal. Nothing out of the ordinary other than the fact that I was able to recite. Haha! For LS10. I enjoyed it though at one point I wanted to sleep because I lacked sleep (only 4 hours!). Need to get my body clock fixed soon!

To finish this entry, I want to leave you guys a question which I got-ish from my LS prof,

Alam mo ba na may Red Light District sa Katipunan? 😉

Back from the Break