Because Heidegger Needs to Calm Down

Just a quick entry since Heidegger and Marcel are really giving me headaches.

Would you believe me if I tell you that it’s my first time to actually check the block lists on the day of posting? HAHA! Well yeah, it’s my first time, ever!

I quickly checked the ComTech blocks because I love ComTech freshmen. So much energy from all of them! And I really can’t wait to meet them!

Actually quite sad it still didn’t reach R4. 😦 As much as it’s kinda cool that my batch is the latest one to have an R4, it’s still sad-ish that the batches after us only have until R3.

What also made my day really cool was seeing Rafa and Mike!

Cool that I saw Rafa because he came from his Europe study tour…and I just realized right now I didn’t ask him stuff that might be useful for my JTA-ing! 😐 Next time!

Not posting the only picture I have of his face. It was just so… HAHA! Peace Mike!
FINALLY gonna see him around our campus again! USA pa kasi -.-

To TnT friends, this guy is gonna be in Block TR. He’s a really great guy! Quite the conversationalist, as well!

Because Heidegger Needs to Calm Down

Sweet Sweet Sweet Victory!

February 4, 2011

Bad way to start the day but while the day progressed, total happiness. After 11:30, I was done with all my classes and the fun and all degrees of happiness just came and filled my day.

SWEETS! First time to buy from Candy Corner this morning for the week considering they’ve been in school the WHOLE week. Haha! Strawberry strips thingy. A Jalapeño/Banana shaped thingy. And a semi-ellipse thingy. Should’ve bought more! 😦

Trisha and Nikki manning the elections table!  I just noticed that these two women always appear in my blog! Haha!

Greg, Nikki and Paolo before leaving CTC-SOM Walkway.

Water Balloons prepared by Management batchmates! Super festive colors! SWEETNESS.

Cool thing! I saw Martin today while he was checking his seat for his ACC30 Long Test. Accompanied him to the SOM photocopy place. HE’S SO NARCISSISTIC! HAHA! Well he took pictures of me but I look so sabog, as usual, so I won’t post it here. Haha! Anyway, I really think that if one will do a photo shoot with Martin, the photographer will have a fun time because of all the crazy poses Martin will be able to think of. Haha!

Afternoon, SOM CUP 2011 closing. ComTech won in a lot of events (no surprise! haha!) Evening, we went bowling at the bowling place in Eastwood. Fun although it was the worst game in my bowling history. Haha! 35?? It was cool to bowl with a prof though. Sir Zab Jimenez, thank you for playing with us! Really appreciate it!

Oh and ComTech are the champions again for SOM Games! Yay!

To end, just want to share that it was so cool that for the first time ever, I saw the disco balls there in “action”. What a great day! 🙂

Sweet Sweet Sweet Victory!