Because Heidegger Needs to Calm Down

Just a quick entry since Heidegger and Marcel are really giving me headaches.

Would you believe me if I tell you that it’s my first time to actually check the block lists on the day of posting? HAHA! Well yeah, it’s my first time, ever!

I quickly checked the ComTech blocks because I love ComTech freshmen. So much energy from all of them! And I really can’t wait to meet them!

Actually quite sad it still didn’t reach R4. 😦 As much as it’s kinda cool that my batch is the latest one to have an R4, it’s still sad-ish that the batches after us only have until R3.

What also made my day really cool was seeing Rafa and Mike!

Cool that I saw Rafa because he came from his Europe study tour…and I just realized right now I didn’t ask him stuff that might be useful for my JTA-ing! 😐 Next time!

Not posting the only picture I have of his face. It was just so… HAHA! Peace Mike!
FINALLY gonna see him around our campus again! USA pa kasi -.-

To TnT friends, this guy is gonna be in Block TR. He’s a really great guy! Quite the conversationalist, as well!

Because Heidegger Needs to Calm Down

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