Don’t You Hear That Heartbeat Comin’ Your Way?

June 11, 2011. 06.11.11

Yesterday was OrSem Day 3… as well as my birthday. some 366 days ago I also celebrated my birthday during OrSem as a TNT of Block N but this year, I celebrated it as an ENT SubCore member and as a DSLD Stop person. Needless to say, I very much enjoyed my day because I got to spend time with friends, friends-to-be (assuming I’ll have friends in Batch 2015 HAHA) and my family.

The amazing ENT hosts people. Rem, Derrick, Al, Marla. The people behind the awesomeness of the hosts. It was fun semi-working with them during Irwin shows. The hosts were really fun and entertaining as well. I love how warm they were. There’s Jelo, Jaz, Raisa, Vannah, Josh Lao and Gabe. Really awesome bunch!

The morning show people, Arilia, Bee and Martin!  After spending time with ENT people, I went around for TNTs this time. Really heartbreaking that I wasn’t dancing and going crazy like them. But as much as it was heartbreaking, it also added to the awesomeness of my day. Both newbie and oldies really touched me that day as in hugs-wise, punches-wise, akbay-wise, and the awww sort of way.

Kiichi, Carlo and their log. Love the block sign ha! 

Chuck and Ian! Then there’s Gab, Den, Jason, JR, Cedie and Therese! Then Pat Rivera, Den, 2 unknown newbies and my son, Arjo! Abi, MattLee, Diva Head Mico, Yves!

May I just say point out how flirty Paui looks in this picture. Haha!

TnTs dancing!

I went to my Marketing class and despite how interesting it was, I was excited to go back to OrSem mode for the DSLD stop! After 2 hours of Marketing, I rushed right away to the DSLD stop place and tours was on its way already. During the break, it was just Karsie, Martin and I left. So we went photo tripping mode!

We resumed after lunch and we were just all out crazy! I wish someone took a video of us or took pictures of out because seriously, we just had a good time giving spiels for the DSLD and ASLA. Haha! Notable things in our stop other than our abundance of energy:

  1. Department FOR Student Leadership Development.
  2. You’re a ripple. You’re a ripple. You’re a ripple. and collectively, WE MAKE A TSUNAMI OF CHANGE!
  3. Sign up for FREE!
  4. For every correct answer, you get a PIN! *wooohhhh!!* These pins were made specially for YOU!

I thought of taking a picture for the first CTM block which came our way, R3 I think. The TnT was beside me so yeah, block sign can’t been. But notice D2’s! So cute Ditto! Haha! Funny how the guy with glasses sort of posed. HAHA! 

 After repeating the same things quite possibly 25 times the whole day, I’m just so happy that we made our stop very informative and at the same time very interesting. Seeing freshies happy made me cry inside. I love entertaining freshies and everyone, for that matter, and it’s just so heartwarming to see freshmen enjoy the DSLD stop! 🙂  

It was really fun making a tsunami of change and I really hope a lot of freshmen will join DSLD and apply for ASLA! Passion not position! 🙂 Thank you Aldwin, Eljohn, Anaelle, Tony, Karsie, KatLee and Martin Tee for making my day really awesome! 🙂

We went to Kenny then I went back to school. Mom picked me up and had family dinner at Lugang. Happy Lemon after then we visited the Baniqueds.

Such an awesome birthday, really 🙂 I wouldn’t have spent it in any other way, though perhaps going to the basaan would’ve been nice! But didn’t want to risk getting sick. So yeah. Haha! Next time though when I’m a TnT again :>

And to close this entry, I want to thank everyone who greeted me and who keep on making me smile. Thank you to the TnTs who made OrSem awesome for their freshies as well! Thank you to the people I spent time with yesterday that made my birthday really special 🙂 

Don’t You Hear That Heartbeat Comin’ Your Way?

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