I Want To Be In Marketing/Advertising

February 3, 2012, two eventful things happened which I am considering to be signs for my near future.

Last Friday, Ateneo CoSA (Collegiate Society of Advertising), held an Ad Expo to Ogilvy & Mather (commonly referred to as Ogilvy). If you don’t know what Ogilvy is…kill yourself. Kidding! Well no, not really. Ogilvy & Mather is basically this well-known marketing communication firm, having hundreds of offices worldwide. It has done different marketing campaigns for notable companies such as NestlΓ© and Coke, and a lot more multinational companies. Anyway, so we went to the Fort to go to their office. As we stepped out of the elevator, there it was, greeting us a big cute Ogilvy sign, which is, if you didn’t know, the signature of David Ogilvy.

It was so awesome. We got to meet Randy Aquino who is the Head of Country. Really interesting guy. After being introduced to him, we were given a short tour of the whole place. I really liked the veranda the most. I can really imagine mini corporate events happening there and creative people sketching and finding inspiration. Cute!

We proceeded to the program proper where we learned more about Ogilvy and advertising. It was interesting, really. The whole trip and stay there really made me more interested to go to Advertising although I still want to go for other aspects of Marketing. Really interested with Strategic Planning, Brand Management and, recently, Guerrilla Marketing.

Before the day ended, I saw on my News Feed on Facebook the top 5 teams that will battle it out on the Ateneo ACTM IMC Cup Culminating Event. And lo and behold!

image from the Ateneo ACTM

The team I belong to, Team Vertigo, got in! It’s quite a shocker really! My teammates and I were really working hard and everything but didn’t expect to get in. I guess we have to be really really good and put on a great show since we’re the only Ateneo team competing. Don’t want to disappoint my org mates, Wilson Gan (MKT101 prof) and Xavier Ternault (Advertising prof in ESC)! Haha!

Seriously, though, I don’t have a clue how we will pull this off considering this JTA sem is draining the life force out of us. But as the saying goes… “GO LANG!” HAHA! Really excited though to present our ideas and to hear ideas from others as well. And seriously, this is fueling to pursue Marketing in the future. πŸ™‚

I Want To Be In Marketing/Advertising


June 27-July 1,2011

After numerous weeks of planning, of night meetings, of email and telephone frustrations, of pitches, McDo deliveries, RecWeek’s finally done. I seriously didn’t expect to be able to survive the demands of RecWeek, for a time OrSem, ACTM’s 1st GA planning and acads all at the SAME time. It was, without a doubt, the most stressful project I’ve ever been part of but at the same time, it was the most fulfilling and the one which brought much happiness after every meeting, after every day of RecWeek and after RecWeek itself. I was blessed to be a part of such a diverse set of people and I’m just so grateful that in the process of meeting a lot of new people, I was able to be of service to the many organizations in Ateneo.

For the whole week our call time was 6 am and it meant that I had to wake up at 5 am everyday all though there were instances that I didn’t sleep at all due to all nighters for that week. Monday, I accidentally cut OpMan to see the parade. And it was fun seeing people all prepped up for it! And because I am biased towards BC I’ll be placing some BC pictures here HAHA!

AJMA (joined only this year!)

MEcO with the BC CHeST (Michelle and Mico). I’d like to note that Coby became my friend because of the COA pitches HAHA!ACTM with the BC CHeST. Katie so cutie!Me with the DSLD reps! Irene, Zee and Martin! Everything about RecWeek was magical for me. I got to bond with a lot of people and it completely made me forget about worries acads-wise. I remember the time that I actually cried going back to the MVP Roofdeck because our Marketing pass was late and it was just so screwed all over. But when I arrived there, Tricia Javelosa, Jason, Mico and Charla were there ready to comfort me. Thank you guys and girls again for that.

RecWeek also made me see how passionate a lot of my friends are in their respective organizations. I saw a lot of them at the Roofdeck promoting their organizations, having booth shifts and some of them even convincing me to join their orgs! HAHA! Anyway here are more pictures!

Me with Maronne

Marco, an ASEC member. Despite being a JTAer he’s still lending a hand to ASEC which I joined this year!Ahiya KitKit! Forget what org he was promoting HAHA! HIHI. Kit’s probably the most sabaw CTM’12 JTAer I know! Never a dull moment when he’s around.

Veron and Kevin! LEX and MACA! I both signed up for both HAHA!Anaelle for CoSA! I also joined it this year. HAHA!Then there was this one time that a lot of people just roamed around the MVP roofdeck promoting their orgs and it was so cute that they all went to the stage and they were waiting for a photographer to take a picture of them! HAHA! I see Jayvee for LEX, Kevin for MACA, Vannah for TA, Arjo for Blue Rep, Cham for something HAHA! Mon for APAIR and El for PAC. Pat for ENTA then someone for ACTM :))

What made RecWeek more memorable would be that it was my first time to do Corporate Relations (getting sponsors) ever in my whole life! Haha! I was able to get M&M’s WHOPEE!!

Juan and Yves! Log deputy and Project head, respectively

Beng, Yves (again), Kim, Juan (again) and Kevin! then me with most of the members of the RecWeek Core! After Charla are Diana, Bianca, Marian, Kevin, EJ. Then after me are Kim, Shyla and Ingrid!

Would’ve added more pictures but this is already filled with a lot! I enjoyed RecWeek more and appreciated it more this year having been able to work behind the scenes. Can’t wait for next year’s RecWeek! πŸ™‚


VERGE: Lucky Thirteen

March 05, 2013

It was my first time to attend a Year End Party of ACTM and I’m happy that it was quite well attended and people enjoyed the whole night! I had a few blockmates who went which made me super happy! Quite a bummer it was drizzling but at least it made the whole event really wet and wild! :> I wasn’t able to all out take pictures because not only did my camera suck last night, I entered “happy mode” quite early. HAHA! OOPPSS! NEXT TIME I PROMISE MYSELF TO TAKE MORE PICTURES πŸ™‚ and that next time will come with an external flash and primes lens πŸ˜‰

Blockmates! Issa and Alisa

Jeio (R3) hanging out with Alisa, Miguel and Bianca.Β 

Iris: “Palit tayo(Jerick)…angle ko ‘to e” HAHA!

Alumni Jave, Jandric(next photo), Mark Tiu(no photo 😦 ) were present in the party.

Freshman birthday boy Richard went to the party. Sorry Aldous if you don’t like how you look in this picture! 😦

Favorite EB couple! Haha!

First time to see some of these Freshmen in an ACTM event after the first GA! Hi Block R!

Thanks Lee for going! Next time I won’t be in happy mode even before you arrive. Haha! Now you know how I felt when I crashed the party last December. Haha!

Thank you to whoever took my picture with my friends πŸ™‚

Fore more pictures, just checkΒ here πŸ™‚

VERGE: Lucky Thirteen

Take (it) Off!

Last night, ACTM had its Seniors’ Sendoff: Take (it) Off! It’s not a super official project of the org (but I think it should be. Haha!) which we started planning for a few weeks ago. It’s funny because the idea started last year when some of the senior EB would tell us how nice it’d be if we threw a sendoff. Haha!

Vic, Trisha, Nikki, Isabelle, Bit

Iyay, Mindy, Kim hiding bottles of wonders. HAHA!

The girls again with Ap, Dennis and (insert name here) Haha! Didn’t get his name!

The members of Team Steamy were there to grace us with their IMC-ness! Nikki, Trisha, Paolo, Gayle and Xea! I think your cash prize should be added to the org’s funds!

Some of the Juniors present last night. Katie, Derrick, Vi-Ann, Cara, Xea, Mia, Rana, Gelo and Roshni!

The Freshmen! Mikko, Josh, Cheska, Andrea and the diva, JR!

Kim, Trisha and Jackie! Super happy that Jackie is now into photography!

Hans, Mindy, Iyay, Kim and Dennis!

Outgoing president, Gillian with Iyay and Kim! Hottest Female President nominee! Haha!

Of course, incoming president, Rem was present! The org will be in good hands this coming school year! πŸ™‚

Isay was the “flight attendant” of the night.

Bien-Bien with her power to make anyone drink! Haha!
There are more pictures, of course which you can check out in my FB.

It’s one of the last moments I’d have with the seniors and I am super regretting not being able to mega bond with them. But I guess that gives me enough reason to go wild and whatever this coming March 5 in VERGE: Lucky Thirteen πŸ™‚ Click the photo for the FB Event page. Everyone can go! πŸ™‚

made by the ACTM CSP Department

I can’t go emo for now because of how heavy this coming week is, but just you guys wait. I will try my best to make people at least shed a tear πŸ™‚ See you guys this Saturday!

Take (it) Off!

So Much for Valentine’s

February 14, 2011


As we all know February 14 is that time of the year when people do mushy, sweet, lovey-dovey stuff for their loved ones. Roses here and there, balloons as well! It’s the perfect time of the year for flower shops and here in the Philippines, it’s that time of the year when Dangwa is just filled with people. This year wasn’t an exception.

Early in the morning, I already saw couples being sweet. I saw a girl being given this big teddy bear holding a heart. I saw a guy “proposing” to a girl. A couple PDA-ing. And a lot more! And yes, all these I saw in school. Totally sweet! Being single, I know that I wouldn’t get any surprises. I knew nothing would get me going that day… guess I was wrong! haha!

When I left my PE bag at my locker I noticed a very cute board with 2 bananas. Lo and behold! The TnT board was already set up! It’s super cute!! Kudos to the TnT Core! I swear to God, I texted a lot of people about it! It’s just something that any TnT would get giddy and excited about! Haha! Can’t wait for the sign ups and for the auditions!

The whole day was pretty uneventful actually except for a very short part of the day which I will keep to myself and to a few people who know about my situation. Haha! MOVING ON.

We had one of the last EB meetings ever as the EB ’10-’11. 😦 GOOODD I’ll super miss you guys 😦 It was one of the quickest meetings we ever had and one of the things that made it quite special would be the presence of the incoming EB for SY ’11-’12!

Hi Bien and hi Xea! Alyson and Rana are the Digital Workshops Project Heads. I still feel bad that they won’t be able to push through with the Flash 😦 I’ve been dying to learn! Ohwell, self learn this summer, I guess? And that’s pretty much my Valentine’s this year. Haha!

Oh and guess where I saw this! COVERED COURTS!

So Much for Valentine’s