Life Update

It’s now halfway through summer. The Ateneans who went to Boracay are back. Summer classes have started for those with Summer semester. Some of my batchmates are preparing for law school, some for med school, and some have already signed contracts and will begin working by Juneβ€”a few will work already next month. How about me? Much like other fresh graduates, I’ve been spending my time contacting companies I wish to join…and I have been doing a bunch of other things I deem productive for the soul.

On dull days, I spend time with a certain book I bought during Summer of 2010.

DSC_0016 copyA part of me regrets I didn’t join the French Study Tour offered by the Modern Languages Department. It’s a month-long program of immersing one’s self to French language and culture. I have friends who are currently in Strasbourg and they are really enjoying! As much as I’d wish to enroll myself in Alliance FranΓ§aise de Manille, right now, I believe my focus should be to secure a job and once I have started working, that’s when I shall enroll myself in French language classes. To keep myself not rusty with the language (I only have minimal knowledge on the language), I have been entertaining myself with this book. I have been answering the exercises and although I am not able to practice orally, at least I am learning more and more to read and to write. I guess that’s good, right?

DSC_0001 copy

As it is the week of the TnT Auditions, I have decided to swing by yesterday. Sadly, there weren’t a lot of people when I visited but I was able to do some catching up with some TnTs. I’m excited for Training Day 3 and OrSem Day 2 (because for this school year, there are only 2 days) because us alumni will visit and that might be the first reunion we would have. Definitely excited and hopeful for everyone who will be able to make it! Really hoping I will have more friends and A’16, N’14 who will be TnTs for OrSem 2013!
DSC_0006 copy

No visit in Ateneo is ever complete without a visit to the Church of the GesΓΉ. It has become my second home, in a way. A lot of time have been spent here thanking God for all the blessings, and a lot of time have also been spent here figuring out how to overcome certain life challenges.

Besides those, I have been spending time as well looking through websites that have been serving as “creative inspiration”. I really want to be better at graphic design and photography. Art just feeds the soul and makes it more alive, in my opinion. This Saturday, Heima, along with co.lab and Status Magazine, will be hosting their annual Design Discussions. Really looking forward to it! My friend and I will also go to the Brixton BBQ Party that will take place after. I guess I’m calling my Saturday as “Taste-of-The-Hipster-Life Day”? Excited!

Recently, I have also been searching for ebooks to read and I am just lost trying to figure out where I can download free ebooks that are of good quality. It’s really frustrating because I saw a lot of books which I wish to read. Some Fantasy books and Philosophy ones as well…maybe I should just be patient for now.

Pretty much my life has been just so..monotonous after graduation. Really surprised. I am hoping though that my life will have new beats, new rhythms soon. I just can’t stand doing anything, really. I am craving for things to do, I wish to start learning new things and attain new skills, and of course, to meet more people who will inspire me.

DSC_0014 copyAnd by the way, I have been making my brother jealous by telling him we have cookie butter at home. Haha!



Life Update

Because I’m Almost There

I am officially done with all my classroom finals! Still have an imba-ish paper to do though and a video to edit. Hassle, seriously. But shucks, really hoping to get high grades this sem! Super unexpected stuff have been happening to me lately and I am just so grateful! Will make a separate entry and I promise I won’t be too mysterious (it’s so lame to always be secretive, imo). I’m just waiting for the right time to say things πŸ™‚ Don’t want to jinx stuff after all. Haha!

So today I had Psych and Theo finals. Hoping to get a B+ in Psych and to get an A in Theo. I did everything I could and it’s up to Him whether to grant me those or not. Whatever His decision is, I will still be grateful that I have the grades I have now. After taking the Theo finals, I went around and decided to take a picture of the TnT Board. I just love taking pictures of it! Haha!

Super kilig that a lot of people have signed up already and more will sign up by the end of the week! Really happy for the TnT Core! Great job guys! I also love the challenge this year! I love the headgear of last year since it kinda sparked my interest in being a famous avant-garde milliner some day. Haha!

Totally love the challenge because I have this weird fascination with puppets! Whether it be finger puppets, marionettes, shadow puppets, ventriloquist ones. You name it! I totally love puppets and I promise I’ll work really hard to make the best and most creative puppet the interviewers will witness! πŸ˜‰ Hoping my friends will see it too, since I have already sketched everything and it’s just a matter of gathering materials and construction. Promise this won’t be as fail as my audition 2 last year! πŸ™‚

Decided to check the SOM Dean’s board (like my 5th this week? Haha!). The following were taken this afternoon. JTA free slots! πŸ™‚

Can’t believe a lot of people chose France! Actually no, not surprised. HAHAHA! 70 slots not counting Mod’Art! So happy for all the JTA-ers! Can’t wait to meet everyone of you this summer! πŸ˜‰

On my way home, I asked my mom if we can go to Serenitea. Swear to God it has been my comfort thing ever since I was introduced to it back in December! Really calms me and makes me really happy! It’s actually my new Starbucks! Haha! My favorite is Okinawa, 75%, pearl! Have only tried Royal Milk Tea and Hokkaido because I just love these three flavors that I don’t find the need to try others anymore! haha!

When I got home, first thing in order was to clean my macbook. It’s been so dusty and just plain gross that I opted to buy this “Cyber Clean” thing. Think of it as Flubber but less awesome. Haha! it’s kinda neat-o just that it doesn’t clean dirt. Just dust. I can easily blow off dust but I guess the dust stuffies underneath the keys are just worth cleaning.

While I was checking it out in the Mac store in Power Plant Mall last Monday, I was just blown away like I just need to press then clean! The actual thing though, it smelled weird (not bad nor good), but it felt so squishy and fun! Totally cleaned off the dust from my keyboard! It’s P270.00 and I’m telling you, not worth it! I just had this urge to buy something that’s why I decide to buy this (as if the MUJI notebook wasn’t enough. Haha!) Well, I am the least practical among my brothers #confession. Haha!

It looks yucky and dirty because that’s how yucky and dirty my keyboard was before meeting this Flubber-like clay cleaning thing. Will buy the eraser thing soon to legit clean my laptop!

Well that’s it for now! Gotta finish on my COM12 part of the paper so I will only have to worry about HI16 tomorrow!

LAST 2 1/2 DAYS!! :>

Because I’m Almost There

Free time with Aki

I love this day because it’s like one of those “oh i only have one class and it ended early so I have so much free time” days that I barely have, specially that I’m near halfway through my college life! Since I brought my camera today, and our FIL project making was postponed, I decided to semi-roam around campus to take photos of stuff!

The OrSem TnT Board finally has the signups thingy! It’s been posted since Monday and It’s nice seeing people sign up! I remember last year I wrote my name like 3 times just to be super sure I would be contacted. I was so excited for it and it’s still the same feeling even if I may not even go through with it (explanation tomorrow πŸ™‚ ) But enough about me, YOU should go to Berch tomorrow and sign up! I know being a TnT is in your bucket list, and signing up is the first step so you may cross it out of your list :>

To the left and right of the TnT Board were the “Dear Father Ben” boards, which I find sweet and cute! I shall post a message tomorrow! πŸ™‚

I headed to the ‘SOM Forest’ after because I remember this time that Paolo and Benny went there to do some shoot for Pepe Jeans. I was totally excited to go but didn’t know that the ‘SOM Forest’ would look so gloomy (realized after leaving that it was cloudy that time. 😐 FAIL). I had to semi-mega overexpose just to bring light to the photos. But hey, no big deal, I have been overexposing my photos anyway. HAHA!

and that’s it! Till the next time I’m bored in school with Aki!

btw, the name of my camera is Aki if you didn’t know πŸ˜‰

Free time with Aki

So Much for Valentine’s

February 14, 2011


As we all know February 14 is that time of the year when people do mushy, sweet, lovey-dovey stuff for their loved ones. Roses here and there, balloons as well! It’s the perfect time of the year for flower shops and here in the Philippines, it’s that time of the year when Dangwa is just filled with people. This year wasn’t an exception.

Early in the morning, I already saw couples being sweet. I saw a girl being given this big teddy bear holding a heart. I saw a guy “proposing” to a girl. A couple PDA-ing. And a lot more! And yes, all these I saw in school. Totally sweet! Being single, I know that I wouldn’t get any surprises. I knew nothing would get me going that day… guess I was wrong! haha!

When I left my PE bag at my locker I noticed a very cute board with 2 bananas. Lo and behold! The TnT board was already set up! It’s super cute!! Kudos to the TnT Core! I swear to God, I texted a lot of people about it! It’s just something that any TnT would get giddy and excited about! Haha! Can’t wait for the sign ups and for the auditions!

The whole day was pretty uneventful actually except for a very short part of the day which I will keep to myself and to a few people who know about my situation. Haha! MOVING ON.

We had one of the last EB meetings ever as the EB ’10-’11. 😦 GOOODD I’ll super miss you guys 😦 It was one of the quickest meetings we ever had and one of the things that made it quite special would be the presence of the incoming EB for SY ’11-’12!

Hi Bien and hi Xea! Alyson and Rana are the Digital Workshops Project Heads. I still feel bad that they won’t be able to push through with the Flash 😦 I’ve been dying to learn! Ohwell, self learn this summer, I guess? And that’s pretty much my Valentine’s this year. Haha!

Oh and guess where I saw this! COVERED COURTS!

So Much for Valentine’s