JTA. Don’t Cry Out, Ceasefire

Third week of JTA sem, but it feels like it’s the third month. I know I sound like a broken record but this sem is just so hell. As in it’s really eating up my “me time”. I really have enough time for my extra-curricular involvements, but there are really times when I can’t even just chill and not think about anything. It’s quite sad, really. But it’s alright, I’m still healthy and my grades aren’t suffering whatsoever.

The week was crazy in all aspects. (picture below isn’t relevant at all, but I find it cute!)

Wednesday was the beginning of the wackiest day of the week. Actually, my week started that day. (Daluz took this shot, as well as other pictures with my ugly face)
My OpMan group met up that day and went to the house of Dominic to continue on our paper which was quite comparable to a fusion of the crazy midterm COM12 paper as well as the craziest LS10 pass. Before going though, we ate lunch in Kenny Rogers and while waiting for the driver of Dominic, we saw Mara in all her bubbly glory.

We eventually go to the house of Daluz after waiting for like 2 hours or so. Stayed at his room practically the whole time and swear, the room was filled with restlessness emanating from all of us. HAHA! The picture of Maia is a “before” actually. Had I taken a picture of her after we were doing stuff, it would be so sad, she’d sue me if I posted it here.

Didn’t really go around the house of Daluz, so I took these pictures. Really cute he kept his bag tag! I remember there was a time my mom gave me a bag tag that was ribbon-y. 😐
That day was really stressful but all kinds of awesome. We were there from 2:30 to 11:00PM. We didn’t push through with the everyone sleepover idea anymore. Fun thing that happened: right after we ate dinner, we all rushed fixing our ugly faces and went straight to Power Plant Mall for last minute stuff. It was a very fun experience actually. First time that I ever walked to a mall from a house, first time that I lingered in a mall while it was closing, and first time to stay that late in someone’s house with the need to go back home. Haha! We were productive, to be fair. Just not as much as we expected because a lot of things had to be clarified among ourselves. And it helped. πŸ™‚
(I really love my group: Maia, Dominic, Jade, Iris, CamSee!)

Following day, we were in the eye of the storm phase. Rest the whole day so we could finish the paper when we all got home. Look at Iris, looks so stressed! 😦 But look at her hand, Winnie the Pooh! Haha!

Friday, finally passed the OpMan paper though like 5-10 minutes late. 😦 But we got our sanity back. Really felt guilty I fell asleep! I bet I had the most hours of sleep among my JTA blockmates! 😦 But everything’s done and all we have to do is wait for the pass 1 to be returned and for us to improve.

While waiting for Marketing, we did our WAC. I finished before the girls and took pictures of Β random things…and yes, Jeff and Maia are included. Haha! Such a crazy and cute couple!

That last picture… SWEETNESS.

But I want to end this entry with something very off. Haha! When my mom fetched me last night, we were both craving for something light to eat, we saw this small “resto” named Monsees. The spanish bread and pot pie were really delicious!

and that’s it for week 3!

JTA. Don’t Cry Out, Ceasefire

Because I’m Almost There

I am officially done with all my classroom finals! Still have an imba-ish paper to do though and a video to edit. Hassle, seriously. But shucks, really hoping to get high grades this sem! Super unexpected stuff have been happening to me lately and I am just so grateful! Will make a separate entry and I promise I won’t be too mysterious (it’s so lame to always be secretive, imo). I’m just waiting for the right time to say things πŸ™‚ Don’t want to jinx stuff after all. Haha!

So today I had Psych and Theo finals. Hoping to get a B+ in Psych and to get an A in Theo. I did everything I could and it’s up to Him whether to grant me those or not. Whatever His decision is, I will still be grateful that I have the grades I have now. After taking the Theo finals, I went around and decided to take a picture of the TnT Board. I just love taking pictures of it! Haha!

Super kilig that a lot of people have signed up already and more will sign up by the end of the week! Really happy for the TnT Core! Great job guys! I also love the challenge this year! I love the headgear of last year since it kinda sparked my interest in being a famous avant-garde milliner some day. Haha!

Totally love the challenge because I have this weird fascination with puppets! Whether it be finger puppets, marionettes, shadow puppets, ventriloquist ones. You name it! I totally love puppets and I promise I’ll work really hard to make the best and most creative puppet the interviewers will witness! πŸ˜‰ Hoping my friends will see it too, since I have already sketched everything and it’s just a matter of gathering materials and construction. Promise this won’t be as fail as my audition 2 last year! πŸ™‚

Decided to check the SOM Dean’s board (like my 5th this week? Haha!). The following were taken this afternoon. JTA free slots! πŸ™‚

Can’t believe a lot of people chose France! Actually no, not surprised. HAHAHA! 70 slots not counting Mod’Art! So happy for all the JTA-ers! Can’t wait to meet everyone of you this summer! πŸ˜‰

On my way home, I asked my mom if we can go to Serenitea. Swear to God it has been my comfort thing ever since I was introduced to it back in December! Really calms me and makes me really happy! It’s actually my new Starbucks! Haha! My favorite is Okinawa, 75%, pearl! Have only tried Royal Milk Tea and Hokkaido because I just love these three flavors that I don’t find the need to try others anymore! haha!

When I got home, first thing in order was to clean my macbook. It’s been so dusty and just plain gross that I opted to buy this “Cyber Clean” thing. Think of it as Flubber but less awesome. Haha! it’s kinda neat-o just that it doesn’t clean dirt. Just dust. I can easily blow off dust but I guess the dust stuffies underneath the keys are just worth cleaning.

While I was checking it out in the Mac store in Power Plant Mall last Monday, I was just blown away like I just need to press then clean! The actual thing though, it smelled weird (not bad nor good), but it felt so squishy and fun! Totally cleaned off the dust from my keyboard! It’s P270.00 and I’m telling you, not worth it! I just had this urge to buy something that’s why I decide to buy this (as if the MUJI notebook wasn’t enough. Haha!) Well, I am the least practical among my brothers #confession. Haha!

It looks yucky and dirty because that’s how yucky and dirty my keyboard was before meeting this Flubber-like clay cleaning thing. Will buy the eraser thing soon to legit clean my laptop!

Well that’s it for now! Gotta finish on my COM12 part of the paper so I will only have to worry about HI16 tomorrow!

LAST 2 1/2 DAYS!! :>

Because I’m Almost There