Life Update

It’s now halfway through summer. The Ateneans who went to Boracay are back. Summer classes have started for those with Summer semester. Some of my batchmates are preparing for law school, some for med school, and some have already signed contracts and will begin working by June—a few will work already next month. How about me? Much like other fresh graduates, I’ve been spending my time contacting companies I wish to join…and I have been doing a bunch of other things I deem productive for the soul.

On dull days, I spend time with a certain book I bought during Summer of 2010.

DSC_0016 copyA part of me regrets I didn’t join the French Study Tour offered by the Modern Languages Department. It’s a month-long program of immersing one’s self to French language and culture. I have friends who are currently in Strasbourg and they are really enjoying! As much as I’d wish to enroll myself in Alliance Française de Manille, right now, I believe my focus should be to secure a job and once I have started working, that’s when I shall enroll myself in French language classes. To keep myself not rusty with the language (I only have minimal knowledge on the language), I have been entertaining myself with this book. I have been answering the exercises and although I am not able to practice orally, at least I am learning more and more to read and to write. I guess that’s good, right?

DSC_0001 copy

As it is the week of the TnT Auditions, I have decided to swing by yesterday. Sadly, there weren’t a lot of people when I visited but I was able to do some catching up with some TnTs. I’m excited for Training Day 3 and OrSem Day 2 (because for this school year, there are only 2 days) because us alumni will visit and that might be the first reunion we would have. Definitely excited and hopeful for everyone who will be able to make it! Really hoping I will have more friends and A’16, N’14 who will be TnTs for OrSem 2013!
DSC_0006 copy

No visit in Ateneo is ever complete without a visit to the Church of the Gesù. It has become my second home, in a way. A lot of time have been spent here thanking God for all the blessings, and a lot of time have also been spent here figuring out how to overcome certain life challenges.

Besides those, I have been spending time as well looking through websites that have been serving as “creative inspiration”. I really want to be better at graphic design and photography. Art just feeds the soul and makes it more alive, in my opinion. This Saturday, Heima, along with co.lab and Status Magazine, will be hosting their annual Design Discussions. Really looking forward to it! My friend and I will also go to the Brixton BBQ Party that will take place after. I guess I’m calling my Saturday as “Taste-of-The-Hipster-Life Day”? Excited!

Recently, I have also been searching for ebooks to read and I am just lost trying to figure out where I can download free ebooks that are of good quality. It’s really frustrating because I saw a lot of books which I wish to read. Some Fantasy books and Philosophy ones as well…maybe I should just be patient for now.

Pretty much my life has been just so..monotonous after graduation. Really surprised. I am hoping though that my life will have new beats, new rhythms soon. I just can’t stand doing anything, really. I am craving for things to do, I wish to start learning new things and attain new skills, and of course, to meet more people who will inspire me.

DSC_0014 copyAnd by the way, I have been making my brother jealous by telling him we have cookie butter at home. Haha!



Life Update

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