More Than A Series of Talks

Yesterday, January 28, 2012, the first ever Camp IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications), organized by the Ateneo Association for Communications Technology Management, was held in Ateneo. It was a really awesome way to learn about IMC because not only did the participants learn from 4 individuals who all had a nice take on IMC, we were also given a case and make an IMC pitch. I like how the awesome project heads Fara, JV and Kit injected a social dimension to the whole thing through the cases. It’s what I’ve always wanted, really, for the org to have a CSR aspect directly connected to IMC.

To the future Executive Committee, perhaps, the CSR project of the org, rather than be a one-time thing educating others about IMC, how about looking into social institutions, much like GKnomics, and see how there is an IMC need for them? Make it a year-long partnership, if possible. 

Anj Poe was there to be a supportive sister and she was providing information as well on the different communities mentioned in the cases. The brainstorming was a bit difficult considering the time allotted…only around 3 hours. Crazy, right? But fun nonetheless. I was with Trisha, Maia, Jeff and Josh. We got to meet our mentor, SOM Week Project Head SY10-11, Dani Eleazar, after dinner. She was really helpful and insightful. No wonder she’s a mentor! Haha! All the teams presented their pitches and while the scores were being tallied. Kit and his friend sang some songs. Really cool actually!

It was revealed after their intermission that our group won first place. Really happy, actually! Sucks though I don’t have any group picture in my camera. So you might be wondering what our group was tasked to make an IMC campaign for…well, simple, really (or rather, not THAT simple). doy bags!

They’re cute, actually! They are bags made by housewives from GK Sunshine Ville. They receive Zesto misprint juice pack things, cut them up, weave them and do other cute stuff to produce these fun stuff. They are really durable and quite sleek! 🙂

More Than A Series of Talks


June 27-July 1,2011

After numerous weeks of planning, of night meetings, of email and telephone frustrations, of pitches, McDo deliveries, RecWeek’s finally done. I seriously didn’t expect to be able to survive the demands of RecWeek, for a time OrSem, ACTM’s 1st GA planning and acads all at the SAME time. It was, without a doubt, the most stressful project I’ve ever been part of but at the same time, it was the most fulfilling and the one which brought much happiness after every meeting, after every day of RecWeek and after RecWeek itself. I was blessed to be a part of such a diverse set of people and I’m just so grateful that in the process of meeting a lot of new people, I was able to be of service to the many organizations in Ateneo.

For the whole week our call time was 6 am and it meant that I had to wake up at 5 am everyday all though there were instances that I didn’t sleep at all due to all nighters for that week. Monday, I accidentally cut OpMan to see the parade. And it was fun seeing people all prepped up for it! And because I am biased towards BC I’ll be placing some BC pictures here HAHA!

AJMA (joined only this year!)

MEcO with the BC CHeST (Michelle and Mico). I’d like to note that Coby became my friend because of the COA pitches HAHA!ACTM with the BC CHeST. Katie so cutie!Me with the DSLD reps! Irene, Zee and Martin! Everything about RecWeek was magical for me. I got to bond with a lot of people and it completely made me forget about worries acads-wise. I remember the time that I actually cried going back to the MVP Roofdeck because our Marketing pass was late and it was just so screwed all over. But when I arrived there, Tricia Javelosa, Jason, Mico and Charla were there ready to comfort me. Thank you guys and girls again for that.

RecWeek also made me see how passionate a lot of my friends are in their respective organizations. I saw a lot of them at the Roofdeck promoting their organizations, having booth shifts and some of them even convincing me to join their orgs! HAHA! Anyway here are more pictures!

Me with Maronne

Marco, an ASEC member. Despite being a JTAer he’s still lending a hand to ASEC which I joined this year!Ahiya KitKit! Forget what org he was promoting HAHA! HIHI. Kit’s probably the most sabaw CTM’12 JTAer I know! Never a dull moment when he’s around.

Veron and Kevin! LEX and MACA! I both signed up for both HAHA!Anaelle for CoSA! I also joined it this year. HAHA!Then there was this one time that a lot of people just roamed around the MVP roofdeck promoting their orgs and it was so cute that they all went to the stage and they were waiting for a photographer to take a picture of them! HAHA! I see Jayvee for LEX, Kevin for MACA, Vannah for TA, Arjo for Blue Rep, Cham for something HAHA! Mon for APAIR and El for PAC. Pat for ENTA then someone for ACTM :))

What made RecWeek more memorable would be that it was my first time to do Corporate Relations (getting sponsors) ever in my whole life! Haha! I was able to get M&M’s WHOPEE!!

Juan and Yves! Log deputy and Project head, respectively

Beng, Yves (again), Kim, Juan (again) and Kevin! then me with most of the members of the RecWeek Core! After Charla are Diana, Bianca, Marian, Kevin, EJ. Then after me are Kim, Shyla and Ingrid!

Would’ve added more pictures but this is already filled with a lot! I enjoyed RecWeek more and appreciated it more this year having been able to work behind the scenes. Can’t wait for next year’s RecWeek! 🙂


Semi-Food Trip

I brought my camera today thinking it’s the best day for me to pig out and try out at least 5 stalls participating in the JSEC Challenge. During my first break, I went to the SEC-field and confused which to try first, I looked for someone who knew the good food and possibly 80% of stall owners there. So who’s this someone? The hyperactive Kit Ang!

He got me to taste this really cute unagi looking food which was prepared by his friend on the spot! It’s a big unagi sort of thing actually. It was spam, rice and nori. Really delicious! Try it out tomorrow during your free time! 🙂

On my way to get my drink from another stall, he introduced me to his friend. It’s cute how Kit has super small eyes while his friend had her eyes wide open! Haha!I had milk tea from Robo I think? Can’t really remember the name of the stall. Best milk tea I have tasted in school since Buddha Bean actually!

I saw Ellie before I started eating and it was a surprise that she knows Kit! Apparently they train together or something. Badminton, I think? Kit left and I was with Ellie and her friend, Karla. Fun company, actually!

After some time Krista came but we didn’t get to bond much because we all had to go to our classes. And Krista, if ever you see this, I know this is not a flattering picture of you but it’s better than the other one I took! haha!

After Theo, I got hungry again and went back to the SEC-field. While looking at the stalls, two people managed to get my attention, Jone and Sophie. Apparently their stall is the one selling the hot dogs some of my friends have been wanting to taste! And it’s good ha!

Here’s Sophie being pretty and covering Jone! Haha!

Super satisfied with the food of the stalls I have tasted so far. Tomorrow I shall try Chicken Strip, Weezy’s Kebab and Wrap ‘n’ Roll! Hope they won’t disappoint!

Semi-Food Trip