Takeaways from teaching for the first time

It was the 30th of June when I was informed that I would be a part-time lecturer under the Department of Marketing & Law in my alma mater. Despite the earlier struggles of balancing my Saturday morning classes with my full-time work, I could say that teaching last semester was such a rewarding experience for plenty of reasons.

Four and more

First, it allowed me to share real world experiences to college students in their penultimate year. As Juniors under the School of Management, they’re nearing the point where they think of their careers in the future. While there are those who are certain to pursue specific fields, there are some who are banking on their experiences in school to determine what to do as they go down from the hill. As someone who has always advocated for people to pursue Marketing, it was a great opportunity to share certain realities about the industry. Safe to say, I was able to persuade some of them to consider the field as something viable and exciting.

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Takeaways from teaching for the first time

I Want To Be In Marketing/Advertising

February 3, 2012, two eventful things happened which I am considering to be signs for my near future.

Last Friday, Ateneo CoSA (Collegiate Society of Advertising), held an Ad Expo to Ogilvy & Mather (commonly referred to as Ogilvy). If you don’t know what Ogilvy is…kill yourself. Kidding! Well no, not really. Ogilvy & Mather is basically this well-known marketing communication firm, having hundreds of offices worldwide. It has done different marketing campaigns for notable companies such as Nestlé and Coke, and a lot more multinational companies. Anyway, so we went to the Fort to go to their office. As we stepped out of the elevator, there it was, greeting us a big cute Ogilvy sign, which is, if you didn’t know, the signature of David Ogilvy.

It was so awesome. We got to meet Randy Aquino who is the Head of Country. Really interesting guy. After being introduced to him, we were given a short tour of the whole place. I really liked the veranda the most. I can really imagine mini corporate events happening there and creative people sketching and finding inspiration. Cute!

We proceeded to the program proper where we learned more about Ogilvy and advertising. It was interesting, really. The whole trip and stay there really made me more interested to go to Advertising although I still want to go for other aspects of Marketing. Really interested with Strategic Planning, Brand Management and, recently, Guerrilla Marketing.

Before the day ended, I saw on my News Feed on Facebook the top 5 teams that will battle it out on the Ateneo ACTM IMC Cup Culminating Event. And lo and behold!

image from the Ateneo ACTM

The team I belong to, Team Vertigo, got in! It’s quite a shocker really! My teammates and I were really working hard and everything but didn’t expect to get in. I guess we have to be really really good and put on a great show since we’re the only Ateneo team competing. Don’t want to disappoint my org mates, Wilson Gan (MKT101 prof) and Xavier Ternault (Advertising prof in ESC)! Haha!

Seriously, though, I don’t have a clue how we will pull this off considering this JTA sem is draining the life force out of us. But as the saying goes… “GO LANG!” HAHA! Really excited though to present our ideas and to hear ideas from others as well. And seriously, this is fueling to pursue Marketing in the future. 🙂

I Want To Be In Marketing/Advertising