When you have to retreat

One thing which not a lot of people know about me is that I particularly do not like December. There is the traffic rush, the heavy workload before the shutdown, the pain of arranging Christmas reunions with friends, and so much more. These are recurring things which could be anticipated, but there’s really no way to get around those. Unfortunately.

Beyond those, which I am certain a lot of people encounter, what doesn’t excite me about December is the surge of self-doubt and uneasiness that I feel as the year is about to come to a close. It comes with the whole “reflection” of how the year was, but this year, it’s different.

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When you have to retreat

Takeaways from teaching for the first time

It was the 30th of June when I was informed that I would be a part-time lecturer under the Department of Marketing & Law in my alma mater. Despite the earlier struggles of balancing my Saturday morning classes with my full-time work, I could say that teaching last semester was such a rewarding experience for plenty of reasons.

Four and more

First, it allowed me to share real world experiences to college students in their penultimate year. As Juniors under the School of Management, they’re nearing the point where they think of their careers in the future. While there are those who are certain to pursue specific fields, there are some who are banking on their experiences in school to determine what to do as they go down from the hill. As someone who has always advocated for people to pursue Marketing, it was a great opportunity to share certain realities about the industry. Safe to say, I was able to persuade some of them to consider the field as something viable and exciting.

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Takeaways from teaching for the first time

7 Things to Keep in Mind for Your Marketing Defense

Finance, Operations and Marketing are considered as the “JGSOM Triumvirate”. These three courses, I believe, are the three most important pillars in any business regardless of size. Of the three, despite to be noted as one of the easiest ones, Marketing is in fact, rather complicated. The course presents a challenge because assessing strategies proposed by students may have a more subjective dimension than a 50-50 balance along with objectiveness.

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7 Things to Keep in Mind for Your Marketing Defense

You can feel it in the way home

I never understood the fuss about Valentine’s; why some people have to be bitter, why some couples burn so much cash to have the “best Valentine’s Date”. I’m not judging anyone, though. I make it a point to spoil myself from time to time. I could only imagine what I’d do for someone special. Anyway, yesterday I thought it would be all about me. I was so wrong.

I went to school to take a quick stroll and do some reminiscing.

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You can feel it in the way home

Maybe Awkward. Maybe Perfect.

March 20, 2013. Blue Roast.
I remember when we were in Freshman Year, some of my friends and I would talk about Blue Roast and how exciting it would be to drink alcohol in campus, since it is one of the very few events where drinking alcohol is allowed. But more than the alcohol, part, we were really excited for the blue rose and at that time our worry was, “Who will give me his/her blue rose?”

But as years went by, I learned that the Blue Roast is not just about the receiving of the rose that is important, but it’s really celebrating with your batchmates. It’s in a way the last school event before graduation and the Baccalaureate Mass where you get to bond with your friends, your blockmates, and everyone else in the batch. Initially I thought of volunteering because since I’m a “social butterfly” I really don’t have any permanent sure go to friends. So it would be a win-win situation I guess, no awkward just going around, no one to really hang with, and at the same time, I get to help out in the success of the event. But I’m really happy that I was able to spend the whole night with the CTM’13 JTAers.

Sarah Buyco took this photo

It was fun hanging with these friends the whole night. All the laughs. All the stories. All the “Macky, you can do it!”, “Macky, it’s the only chance!”. All the really crazy conversations. I will really miss this bunch. I felt like I belonged with them…and maybe it’s not just “I felt like” but I can honestly say that I belong with this group of people. It’s even funny how we were aiming for one award but ended up getting another one. It felt weird to have spent  some time up on stage, but we Maia certainly had fun!

Stephanie Ycasiano took the photo.

I was also fortunate to have seen a bunch of friends specially the old ones. It was nice catching up with them specially with Kenley and SamBau, and Robina as well. Friends since first year! It kinda sucks that I didn’t realize I brought a camera with me until I arrived home. Would’ve wanted to take pictures with friends. Regret! Some of my profs were also there like my Theo 141 and 151 profs, sir Lib and sir Mendoza, respectively. My Philo 104 prof as well, sir Calano. Wish sir Allan went as well, he could’ve crashed with us…. I think. Haha!

Getting closer to 11 PM, people were already getting blue roses and some of my friends and I were telling each other “this is it!” I accompanied Iris to give hers to a common friend and it was really cute seeing the whole thing happen; from bringing the guy to her, to her running away, and up to the point where he hugged her. Really cute moment. For me… well it wasn’t how I wanted it to be, but I expected it to be exactly like that.

I gave my blue rose to a good friend of mine and it felt awkward for me to give it, I don’t know why though. I guess because I was just speechless the whole time and I just kept on apologizing if it’s awkward and at one point I just left and went back to my friends. They all kept on asking me how it went and I was just speechless and my face was just red, in fact, my friend was able to take a picture of me fresh from the awkward experience.

Sarah Buyco took the photo.

Don’t mind my bad skin. Bad timing of pimples appearing. Anyway, yeah I guess I was happy. Not sure if I was happy because I had the courage to give it or happy it’s finally over. I went back to my friend whom I gave my blue rose to. We talked a bit and we had a picture taken. Although it was an awkward experience, I guess the whole night was perfect. I was able to hang with my friends, good music—Sponge Cola fan forever—and stunning fireworks. Sad wasn’t able to stay long after. We planned a post-Blue Roast party and apparently they stayed in our friends’ condo until 5 in the morning. Yeah, I’m lame. But it’s definitely not the last time I’d be seeing them, I bet I’ll see them during graduation, and we’re planning for an out of town trip before June. Definitely looking forward to that.

I guess the lesson I learned from Blue Roast and the whole blue rose thing: YOLO. I’m not a fan of it really but it gave me the courage to give it. Haha. No regrets coming home without a rose. It’s all good, I had a great time, and I was finally able to confess to my friend about the 3 year long crush-ness. Haha! <insert loser awkward smile here again>

Maybe Awkward. Maybe Perfect.

It’s Just Somewhere Around The Corner

After conquering finals around 3 weeks ago where not only was I focusing on academics, but also in my last extra-curricular involvement, and finally celebrating the end of the week by attending the Year End Concert of the Company of Ateneo Dancers followed by 16 hours of glorious sleep… I find myself now ecstatic for the coming days.

Today we just had our only graduation rehearsal which didn’t go as exciting as expected. It was quite delightful to see everyone from JGSOM today even if I don’t know probably half or 1/3 of the batch. These are the people who also experienced Accounting, Finance, Leadership and Strategy, Marketing, Operations Management, Statistics, and Law (except for the ME majors). Some might have enjoyed the experience of being able to balance a workbook as much as I enjoyed making marketing presentations; some might have a pleasant LS experience specially in Senior year when most of the batch tried their hand in being entrepreneurs as much as I was reconnected to my love for MS Excel with OpMan and Statistics (I allow you to judge me because of this).

I may not be marching with honors but I am happy for my friends who will be graduating as the program awardee of their respective undergraduate degree programs, or magna cum laude, cum laude and the honorable mention ones as well. I am really happy and excited for everyone in the batch. After four years of taking up more than 100 units worth of major and core courses as well as electives, we will finally be marching and receiving our diplomas on Friday/Saturday (depends which school you belong to). Thrilling. Exciting.

After our graduation rehearsal, we received the invitations for the Baccalaureate Mass and the Graduation.

DSC_0216 copyAnd we also received our togas and cords.

DSC_0208 copyI tried on the toga when I arrived home and I’m quite bothered by the placement of the Ateneo seal. It seems that maybe my toga isn’t of the right size… hoping that it’s just styled that way or else I’ll look quite unique. I guess that’s not so bad…

Graduation is just around the corner and probably by that time I would be listening to Taylor Swift’s “Long Live” (or maybe I’ll be singing it in my head) and I would probably be crying, I’d be nostalgic and I’d be telling my friends “let’s still catch up even after graduation okay?” while shedding some tears and smiling. But before graduation takes place, two more big events to go; the Baccalaureate Mass that will take place on Friday, which will be presided by Cardinal Tagle, and one of the events that Ateneans look forward to…the Blue Roast, on Wednesday.

It’s Just Somewhere Around The Corner

Simple Joys in Life

This is the start of my weekly blog entry which I promise to faithfully follow even if nothing eventful happens in my life…which is quite impossible because if you know me I’m practically a party on my own. I promise to at least have 53 blog entries by the end of the year but I will try my best to have more. It kinda sucks that my memory here is limited and so once I have started working, I will be upgrading my account to be able store more images and finally do some video embedding and the like. Yay me!


Christmas of 2012 my brother gave me a Moleskine planner which I really love. If you know me I am an avid planner user and I have actually started using planners back in 2005—the first one being a Starbucks planner where every month there’s some postcard and envelope themed to that month. Come 2008 I made the big shift of using a Moleskine planner and I’m amazed that I am on my 6th planner this 2013. I am proud of myself. Haha!

But I consider this as a “simple joy in life”. I am a semi-obsessive compulsive person sans the orderly chaos of my room. Add to that I always have something to do, always something to attend to and having a planner organizes my life and without a planner, I will not be able to keep track of everything going on. The only time when my planners aren’t needed would be when it’s near finals and because profs keep on saying the deadline(s), then I have already memorized what has to be done, when it should be done and other details.

Moving back to my planner. The color is different this year. I always opt to get a black one even though red is my favorite color because black just looks so classic and it doesn’t really catches people’s attention that much. This year it’s…I’m not exactly sure what it is..exactly. It’s like blue/blue-violet-ish/indigo…something. And I originally wanted the Star Wars “Do Or Do Not There Is No Try” but (1) I’m not a Star Wars fan and (2) ran out of stock. I opted to go for the Le Petit Prince one because (1) It’s French, (2) I like the story of The Little Prince and (3) The inside looks just adorable!

DSC_0044It was really difficult to capture the real color of the planner! But you can just check it out in the site of Moleskine!

What made me even happier about it is that it came along with a calendar which I can just put in my desk when my laptop nor my phone aren’t with me! Apologizing in advance if it looks “Instagram-like”.hehe

What also made me happy is when my brother gave me two MUJI no-rules notebooks which I can’t find here in Manila!

DSC_0040You see, I love MUJI notebooks…only if they don’t have rules. I hate it when they have those dots or when they have those lines. I have often used MUJI notebooks for sketching my thoughts or just freely writing down things and having dots or lines prevent me from having a good look at what I have written or drawn. And one thing about me is that I couldn’t care less about the brand of notebooks I buy when it comes to my “creative thoughts”, but the pages are supposed to have a certain texture and color and smell that would make me feel comfortable using them….and MUJI is just a “go to” for that.

DSC_0042I guess beyond sharing what my brother got me for Christmas, this post is also about how I’m, in a way, preparing for a new book in my life. As some of you may know I will be graduating this March and  I will be joining the workforce soon. More importantly, life happens after I receive my diploma. And the thought of it is quite scary. But how fitting that this should be at the inside of the back cover of my planner and perhaps it shall encapsulate what will happen to many of us graduating seniors and superseniors this 2013.

DSC_0050Antoine de Saint-Exupéry writes, “Pour les uns, qui voyagent, les étoiles sont des guides.” (“For some, who are travelers, the stars are guides”) and, “J’ai des amis à découvrir et beaucoup de choses à connaître.” (“I have friends to discover, and a great many things to understand”).

Simple Joys in Life