Singapore Trip. Flight to the Lion City

As you all know, I went to Singapore April 06 and I came back here at April 12 around 1:00 am. I’m doing the blogs by day so expect a flood of blog entries and photos. Haha! Actually, I haven’t even posted any photo yet! Will start soon, I’m still selecting which to upload. I took 1300+ photos and some aren’t so “postable”. Haha!

April 06, 2011

The cab picked us up at around 12:40pm and we got to the airport around 1:00pm. At first I was telling my mom it’s okay to be early than to be just on the right time. I was dead wrong. NAIA 3 was just so empty and it was too boring! Nothing to do and nothing to see for the 3-4 hours we waited for the plane to arrive. So what did my mom and I do? Well, we saw Bo’s Coffee and to be honest, I would rather that Starbucks was just there. I guess because I’m more accustomed to the chill atmosphere it brings.

mom took this! 🙂

After taking our time drinking and eating (we REALLY took our time finishing our drinks and cheesecakes), mom and I decided to check out the mini mini Duty Free.

We went to the waiting area and after 2 or so hours, our plane arrived though they had to fix it up or something so we waited like 30 more minutes. Got a bit irritated because we’ve been waiting for how many hours.

When I got inside the airplane, I was super excited to go to my seat. For some of you who may not know, whenever I ride an airplane, it’s a sort of must for me to sit on the window seat. Seeing the clouds make me so happy! Haha! I guess seeing whatever’s below also makes me happy.

I was actually waving goodbye when I took this shot! Haha!

I also like seeing the sun set when I’m on the plane, I guess it’s a consolation for a night flight. (FYI, I hate flights at night)

Our dinner was just so sad. Cup of noodles 😦 But that was just the first of 3 “dinners”. Haha!

When we finally got off, I instantly saw my brother and it was just fun to see him after 3 months! My mom was also happy such that most of the pictures in the airport were just them. Haha!

We were very hungry and my brother recommended Toast Box to my mom and I. To be fair, their kaya toast was really good!

My brother fetched mom and I to our hotel and we ate real dinner after. Best hainanese chicken I’ve ever tasted in my whole life! The hainanese rice alone was just so delicious! Didn’t bother taking pictures anymore because I was just so hungry that the moment I laid down my food, I quickly finished everything! Haha! That’s how I started my Singapore journey and I shall post what happened in the first whole day soon! :>

Singapore Trip. Flight to the Lion City

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