Singapore Trip. Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby

April 07, 2011

We were eating dinner and I looked outside the window to see  a fashion show! It wasn’t anything like the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show or any prominent designer’s fashion show (but they were wearing famous brands). After eating my noodle soup, I asked if I could rush down, and I was allowed! so… YAY!

The following are the shots from the very simple fashion show. Don’t judge! Haven’t been used to Funphy and it’s all manual focus so yeah. 😦

And a treat for the girls out there!

And this guy who was the friend of all the European models!

Singapore Trip. Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby

Singapore Trip. Of Merlions and A Ferris Wheel

April 08, 2011

After our lunch, we went out and we journeyed to the merlion and we were already disappointed even before because we found out prior to going to Singapore that the Merlion, the very landmark of Singapore, was turned into some hotel. Sad, really. But it’s their country anyway. Haha. Before arriving though, I saw some fancy schmancy buildings and two cute pigeons or whatever they were. Haha! Well you see, I’m a fan of anything artsy, and I used to want to be an architect…then I realized my sketching skills suck and they’re just not for hardcore “architecture-ism”.

and now for the picture of the birds. HAHA! Wish I zoomed in and didn’t underexpose it! 😦

After mega perspiring and bottles of water, we finally arrived where the Merlions were! First the mini-Merlion, then the Merlion!

And yes, that’s the Merlion! sad, ain’t it? It’s not permanent though!

It just looks so weird to sleep there! Semi-empty room, beautiful wallpaper, posh bed, didn’t enter the bathroom anymore because the whole place just had a weird stench!

After our trip to the Merlion, brother and I went to the Singapore Flyer. It was a fun “ride”. Nice view even!

I wonder when the Philippines will have tons of awesomeness?

Singapore Trip. Of Merlions and A Ferris Wheel

Singapore Trip. Lunch at Marina Bay Sands

April 08, 2011

Second day in Singapore. We transferred from one hotel to York Hotel. It was way closer to the malls but I had to bid my view of SMU, adieu 😦 After settling, We went to Marina Bay Sands for lunch. The buffet at Rise restaurant was divine. Though there’s more variety in HEAT and Circles, and specially in Dusit Thani, everything was just so good from the buffet! Pardon that I haven’t tried other major buffets from other countries to compare. Whenever we’re out, I can just easily be content with the McDonald’s. So yeah. Haha!

We waited two times. One, for the bus to arrive. Second, for the resto to open.

My ugly not-so-candid face.
We were finally seated and sorry that the next photos are just the food I ate. Haha!

Started off sea animal food. I couldn’t resist the sushi and sashimi! The mussels were delicious too! Followed by Laksa which I think is the national food? It looked like your ordinary cup noodle placed well, but trust me, it was all kinds of awesome. It was good but I think my mom added some spice or something, It had that mild spicy taste. Had duck, chicken, pork and tofu after. It’s just a must for me to always get duck actually. Haha! I remember having other food but didn’t take photos anymore. Haha!

Had dessert after, bread pudding panna cotta and 2 other random food. Haha! Bread pudding was amazing! it didn’t even need much vanilla sauce for it to taste so good! 

The chocolate had some gold foil thinger. Which added to the fanciness of the presentation. Had some chocolate love after as well as some mochi. I devoured some of them prior to taking a photo so…oops! Haha!

We were asked if we wanted coffee or tea and since I have tasted awesome coffee the previous days, I opted for tea. It was actually milk tea since you were supposed to mix the milk and the tea! It was heaven. Better than Serenitea! It lacked sinkers though. Ha ha!God, totally loved the buffet! Can’t wait to go back! OH and add to the heavenly buffet was the awesome server girl! and actually the other people were so accommodating as well!

Thanks Rise for the unforgettable experience!

Singapore Trip. Lunch at Marina Bay Sands