JTA. We’ve Only Just Begun

First week of JTA has been so stressful not only academically, but emotionally as well for me. I won’t hide to anyone that the past week has been a roller coster of sorts for me. In a span of 6 days, a lot has happened; some good, some bad. Thinking about my classes alone makes me just want to give up (and yes, it might seem so early but it’s difficult when I see the people I’ll be leaving behind and when people mention things I will surely miss). But I guess it’s because of the friends who are with me in this journey that I pick myself up. I actually feel bad I wasn’t able to take a picture of everyone 😦 Will do next week!

Crazy blockmates. Really love these guys! Really wish Ina went on through with it. But I know that God has better plans for her and I just really wish her the best. But until after JTA sem 2, I’ll be with Dominic, Maia and Gianna most of the time from R4.

And there are also the other ComTech majors who are as crazy and fun! I know all of them but not so close and I just can’t wait to hang with these people! Note that the 2 other people behind Dianne aren’t my JTA blockmates, the guy is an ME marketing classmate and the one behind him is an LS100(I think) prof.

Our classes have been crazy but enjoyable…except for Finance. Well, sir Mike Tan is great and all but it was hard to grasp concepts and all that. Wishing things will be fixed for us ComTech JTAers! Philo was really crazy. Marketing and OpMan are both interesting. CS175 will be enjoyable I bet. In all, I have an amazing set of profs and I am just wishing that my extracurricular activities won’t get in the way of me getting really good grades this hell JTA sem! 🙂

JTA. We’ve Only Just Begun

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