ACTM, I Will See You Again. Promise.

This time last year, I was very much happy with one of the most difficult decisions I made, although, the “getting there” wasn’t really that easy.

December 2010, I knew I wanted to serve ACTM more and I wanted to grow with all of the members. I had plans and I had a vision for the organization and I knew which direction I would want to take ACTM to, of course with the help of everyone. After much reflection, I knew I wanted to run for Vice President for Strategic Communications because I know my skills will be best used there and I have been very much interested with IMC the whole time and my brother had been teaching it to me since I was in 4th Year High, and in fact, the reason why he chose me to be a group mate for the IMC Competition back in 1st Year is because he wanted me to learn more and start practicing it. Anyway, I was very much determined to really learn more about IMC that before the Christmas Break of 2010, I borrowed all IMC and Marketing related books that I could take home for the break. I started reading and learning so much more, my interest grew and I started crafting my platform and my campaign materials during the break. I was determined to run because I wanted to share the knowledge to everyone and to really start recognizing and materializing IMC in the organization. And after setting up my wix campaign website, my platform which, until now I still think is quite impressive, I chanced upon something I wrote in my journal that made all those, worthless. And everything then changed… and it was quite upsetting, really. Why did I have to stumble upon it is something until now I ask myself.

The decision then not to run was made known to a few friends and as I talked to those friends, they really wanted me to think again and they would often tell me, “huwag kang matakot magtaya“. Perhaps it wasn’t that I was scared to, but knowing my why in the greater scheme, I knew I had to do something. I revealed the decision to the organization during the Leadership Training Course while telling them the importance of empowerment and that sometimes we all need to take a step back to let others step forward and to take the lead. I remember saying that I want others to be given opportunities as well, that’s my “why”, empowerment. I remember finding it hard to stop myself from letting tears go down while telling people I will not run because it sort of meant disappointing some of my friends present, some people who really wanted me serving as an officer again. Something people never knew is that I actually realized that I’m not the best person for the job, hence I didn’t run…Bakit naman ako magtataya kung hindi ko naman kaya kumbinsihin sarili ko na nararapat ako para sa bokasyon na iyon. I loved the org so much that I’m very much willing to support anyone who would be the one to lead the org in the Strategic Communications Department. Looking back, I can say that I don’t have any regrets. And it’s true what I told myself, if I step back, a lot of people will step forward, and it did happen.

Fast-forward to December 2011, a few people were asking me of my plans for the organization, and if you know how I died during JTA semester, it was a really iffy topic. To be honest, after the First General Assembly, I told myself I no longer want to be part of the organization. But I was probably just enveloped by my feelings that time. I did actually consider to run for the same position I wanted to run before, because I know if I wanted to make changes, being an officer would greatly help me in my plight. And at the same time, I’m more knowledgable now, I know that I am capable, and I’m more determined. And when I opened my platform again, I saw that a lot of the things there, aren’t even being done, or so I think, and that means I can bring something new that would activate many members and educate them with IMC and hopefully, make IMC recognized to the whole Ateneo and even outside. You may ask why then am I not running…quite simple really, because this time, I know how I want to serve the org, if the future officers will let me. Having been busy drafting plans for a project I want to head because I have this vision for ACTM and its members, I know I want to head this project more than being VP for Strategic Communications. And yes, in the end, everything I made will be put to waste.

Recently, I have seen the list of official candidates and I can’t help but smile and be happy because I know the org will continue to be in good hands, and I know that whoever wins, the org will reach great heights much like what it did this school year.

Photo care of the the ACTM COMELEC, I suppose 🙂

To everyone running, you have my support and I promise to re-join the organization and continue to serve the members. For the Executive Committee this school year, I will make a separate post for you guys. You’re all too awesome not to be given a separate post. 🙂

Below are the plans I made back in 2010, by the way. I don’t want them to be put to waste to might as well post it in hopes these can be put to some use.

ACTM, I Will See You Again. Promise.

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