The Unluckiest Day?

I decided to do some suiting up because I wanted to pass by the National University of Singapore to inquire on their postgraduate studies program. I met up with my brother though for lunch because I was to meet my friend for dinner so instead of our daily dinner, we had lunch. I arrived a bit earlier than expected so I went around and saw ramps and other skating stuff. Sad though that it was empty. I went inside the mall and after a couple of minutes found my brother. We ate in The HandBurger. They serve really really good burgers. I can’t remember the name of the burger I got but it tasted amazing.
I also loved how quick their service is! Not much time that my brother and I got to spend taking pictures though!

Wish I wasn’t blurry. But it’s fine, i still look a bit snazzy, right? Haha! We had much time to spare so we went to Orchard and brother wanted to have a picture in front of H&M because he barely has pictures…so, fine, here’s your GPOY. Haha!

My brother went back to work and I was on my own. I decided to go to NUS but my stay wasn’t so pleasant just because I got lost, my phone died and my camera ran out of battery, so I’m sorry I don’t have pictures. Add to that, I wasn’t even able to reach the building I was supposed to go to. Oh well, next time.
I fixed myself then met up with my brother for a late afternoon snack then I met up with my friend, Kyo.

We just did some catching up. It felt good to do some actual catching up. It went on for around a couple of hours then he had to go because he’s tired and he still has some internship/work thing the following morning.
So yeah, in all, it wasn’t so much of an eventful day but I guess it was still fun, nonetheless.

The Unluckiest Day?

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