My Chinese Roots

First year in college, several people weren’t able to guess (ever!!) that I’m from Ateneo High School. People would say I’m from La Salle Green Hills, St. Jude, and one time from Xavier School. I didn’t give off an Ateneo High School vibe (which I am not sure if it’s a good thing or not). Funny thing is when people think I’m from St. Jude. Apparently I look so Chinese! Haha! To be fair, my middle name is Lim. Both my great grandfathers (mother’s side) are pure Chinese after all. So for my third day in Singapore, I decided to connect to my Chinese roots. Haha!

I went to ION and ate lemon chicken for brunch then off I went to the Chinese Garden!

When I arrived there after around 30 minutes or probably more, I was surprised to see just a patch of grass. There was a path however so I just followed it and finally reached the Chinese Garden! This bridge was the “link” between the non Chinese Garden territory and the actual garden.
There were statues of guardians I think or some prominent people in history. My most favorite one, obviously, would have to be Mulan. Yes friends, Mulan really existed.
There were several pagodas and towers. I didn’t climb up to any though because there were just too much to cover and I planned to do an examen.

On my way to the bonsai garden I think, I encountered such lovely Asian architecture, and you know, I love love love Asian architecture for many obvious reasons. They just look so elegant!!
I also saw these people creating a wu shu video. It was nice really being able to see another form of wu shu since back in first year we were only able to use the stick.

I did an examen in one of those pagoda things up up up. It felt nice “meditating” but more than that, really just thanking for all the blessings and just feeling so much love and calmness.
I headed to City Link Mall for some afternoon snack. Kopi and Kaya toast will forever make me happy.

Met up with my brother and we headed to Clarke Quay.

And yes, being reflective on life after college. HA HA.
We had dinner with my brother’s friends at Lau Pa Sat (yes, again. but hey, really really good food!).
They both looked so cute together!!

We parted ways with my brother’s friend and after such a tiring day, we went back to the flat and I got to rest. That was day three.

My Chinese Roots

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