Experiencing Some Diversity

What characterizes a true, 100% Singaporean? Do you have to be Chinese? Indian? Malay? Hmm…probably not. Chicken Rice? Satay? Kopi? Teh? Hmm…maybe not as well. Catholic? Hindu? Well, Singapore is very much diverse really, I bet you guys already knew that!
For my second day I spent time in Little India and Chinatown and a bit of the Botanic Gardens (where I just mainly stayed by the swans, ducks and other cute feathery cuties).

I started the day in Kopitiam. It took me forever to find it because my brother’s instructions weren’t so exact…or maybe I really just got lost. HAHAHA. OPS. There is always something with how they make their kopi so perfect such that I don’t have to add sugar anymore or cream or anything.

I took the Circle Line then transferred to the Red line to get to Little India! It was really so hot that time! But the moment I stepped out, I was greeted with really colorful decors! Apparently there was some Deepavali event. So, Happy Deepavali! Haha!

What can I say about Little India? It was different from the city center, obviously! I like how lively Indian music was playing in every corner and by that I mean EVERY CORNER. How I wish I was really hungry so I could’ve tasted their food but I was so full from my breakfast. People weren’t exactly friendly, but there were several who would smile. So that’s a +.

I got lost though at one point (yes, getting lost will be recurring theme in my whole trip). I strayed too far and I couldn’t find any MRT signs anywhere. And it was getting too hot already. At one point I wished a fountain would just appear and mist me with water…but something better showed up. A SIGN TO A MALL! (to think I told myself I will not step foot inside a mall in this trip because I didn’t want to be a tourist but it’s really inevitable).

After chilling inside the new mall I went out and asked for directions to go the MRT and off I went to Chinatown! A lot of lanterns were up and, as expected, many stalls were there selling all different types of stuff. I really loved it there. No music around the area but everything just seemed so appealing (this shows how much I like all things Chinese, I guess?)
I was able to enter several temples and I stopped in a certain one to experience what it’s like to “pray” and I even offered some “gifts”. The feeling was quite surreal actually. In a way, I felt refreshed after leaving the temple.

After going around, I went to the Botanic Gardens where I pretty much just stayed taking pictures of ducks and swans. My favorite is Natalie Portman the black swans!
Such a fierce creature!!!
I met with my brother to eat dinner in a hawker center by the Esplanade but we decided to go to a more famous one which is by Raffles. It has such a cute name, “Lau Pa Sat”!
We got there pretty early so it wasn’t very crowded yet.

Brother ordered 20++ sticks of satay and I bought some chicken rice thing. We both felt so bloated after! Haha!

We went back home and I got bad news on CTK..we had to come up with more proposals, meaning my entire stay in Singapore, I had acads to ruin my life. HAHA. and that’s it for day two!

Experiencing Some Diversity

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