First Day in Singapore 2012

Nearing October, there were several things I looked forward to. The one I anticipated the most was my trip to Singapore. I went there last year with my mother and we went to basically most of the touristic areas, but this time it was different. I was the only one who went there, I took my time going around exploring less touristic areas and there were a lot more reasons. So yeah, I can say that this trip was still special and has its own + stuff. I shall give you a peek of my Singapore 2012 trip day per day!

My flight was around 10 AM and at first I thought I’d be dead bored in NAIA, but thankfully, they finally had free Wi-Fi (thank you Globe for that!). Of course I just had to take a picture of else who were going to SG that day! So many oldies!!!

My brother picked me up from Changi and we had lunch. Dropped off my stuff in his flat then off we went to see Gardens by The Bay.

To be fair, it was on my list of things to see considering it’s just new. Construction finished around late June or early July this year! It was filled with nature stuff, obviously. I would’ve appreciated it more had it not rained… but it’s okay! I still got to enjoy the cute things. OH I also saw an Atenean, someone from APAIR (Ateneo PAIR), there with a bunch of friends. Amazing actually. Didn’t expect to see any familiar faces. But we’re not friends, I smiled though just to show that I’m not a snob.

We had dinner in Din Tai Fung after. I really missed xiao long bao so much so I had a happy little boy moment when we feasted on these goodies!

What amazed me even more is how quick the chefs were in preparing them so much so that I can’t even take a crisp picture of them while in action!

We also shared some fried pork chop rice and some wanton noodles (forgive me I wasn’t able to take a picture of it, I was already too hungry). They were also good! The fried pork chop had a certain crisp and tenderness. Really really good stuff.

My brother brought me to the Louis Vuitton Island. And no, he didn’t buy me anything. I think I could’ve been more impressed had I not seen the LV in Champs last year first. Regardless, it was special and I just really love how Singaporeans can make such edgy infrastructures!

We watched the night show as well and it was nice. Singapore really never fails to amaze me specially on how they’re such a forward country despite their conservativeness. Haha! We went back to my brother’s flat and, well, that’s basically it for the first day! Watch out for the entries for days two to five!

First Day in Singapore 2012

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