I Love Paper!

One of the things I detest as a student in the Philippines is being given so much readings which are printed on paper. While I enjoy highlighting as I read, in the long run, the thousands of papers photocopied everyday are put to waste as some students just throw them away. After all, who would want to keep readings which would just remind you of a subject which gave you a hard time, right?

Personally, I hate seeing a huge pile of readings yet to be read, and even after reading them, I am just so tempted to throw them all away. But, I would always remember how back in High School, we would have paper bins in all of the rooms not only for segregation’s sake, but for other’s use. How? Well, most of the time, we print on only one side of the paper, leaving the other side blank, clean and still usable. After the set of papers aren’t needed anymore for the class, I use the clean pages for my number-related classes, like Finance, Operations Management, Business Statistics and for other computations I do. But not only that, I also use it for mind mapping or for other random sketches (since I still can’t find a decent sketchpad).

And I’ll tell you a secret. There are times when I’m down that making a paper crane cheers me up.

You might be thinking what ‘inspired’ me to blog about my use of paper. Well, it’s really because I stumbled upon Kiehl’s Facebook page and I saw this contest where I am supposed to share how I live out tips which they posted; all of which are about loving and caring about Momma Earth. And the tip I’m living by is this one.

Props to Kiehl’s for having this CSR on the Earth because it’s something relevant to all of us and all of us should take part in ensuring that we keep our environment clean, that we do not just waste energy and, simply, maintaining and improving the state of our planet 🙂

How about you? What do you do to ensure the Earth is in good hands with you? 😉

I Love Paper!

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