And There Goes My Last SemBreak

As some of you may know, I went to France last year to study in ESC Rennes for exchange and I spent my whole Sembreak there in Italy and a few days in Paris. That thought really got me thinking how this Sembreak can top that. To be honest, I am not sure if it did, but I can say that I really enjoyed my last Sembreak in Ateneo.

I went to Singapore as early as the first Sunday of the break and stayed there for 5 days. Attended my cousin’s wedding the day after I arrived. Although enlistment was really crazy and got me panicking the whole time, I still got the schedule I wanted. I had a fun Fontana getaway with some CTM’13 JTAers (with the non-singles, significant others). Attended this AlumniFrance Home Coming for all who have studied in France where I felt out of place. Haha! Was able to be mighty productive for Blue Christmas 2012. Was able to watch “A Secret Affair”. Was able to read a lot.

I can pretty much say that this SemBreak didn’t go wasted. I made sure I’m always preoccupied with something while having loads of rest as well. You might be wondering how I made the most of my last SemBreak day and, well, it’s kinda funny.

You see, ever since the trailer of “Suddenly It’s Magic”, I told myself I will watch it no matter what. And that’s what I pretty much did today! I told my mom to bring me to Shang so I can do some supplies shopping as well. So I bought a ticket (yes, I watch movies by myself) and bought notebooks then went to Figaro to chill.

It was fun just sipping a cup of cappuccino while letting time pass because there was also wifi so I was able to message my brother.
The movie was really light and enjoyable. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen! I found the chemistry of Mario Maurer and Erich Gonzales quite cute. The crowd wasn’t dull as well! And this was the only instance that I didn’t get annoyed of people talking because they kept on making remarks like “ang ganda ni Erich kahit tulog!” (Erich looks beautiful even when she’s asleep!). The Thai actors and actresses english weren’t as bad as people told me, too! They were good! And it was cute that Baifern Pimchanok aka “P’nam” in “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” was there! Totally didn’t expect it!
Mom fetched me then as I arrived home I quickly wrote on my ‘sticker-ed’ planner. Because I the stickers from the Esplanade were really cute and so fitting, I decided to stick them on my planner!

And I decided to write on my notebook/s as well this! Haha!

So yeah, suffice to say I’m pretty excited for tomorrow! Hoping my classmates will be fun and I hope to make a lot of new friends this week! I’m also hoping all the best for Blue Christmas! The next coming weeks will be busy as hell but things will really go fine, I bet! 🙂

The quality of the photos is such because my brother gave me his iTouch and yeah, I’ve been depending on it for taking photos lately. Not the most stellar quality but it’s convenient!

And There Goes My Last SemBreak

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