All Heart. All Out.

I am not sure if I have told anyone this but until now I still do not know how I’m making my Senior year special. It has been a dilemma of mine since after my summer internship and until now I am not quite sure how I’m making the most out of my Senior Year.

Now that it’s the Second Semester and all of the lasts are being counted again, the planning for ACTM’s LTC has resumed. To be honest, I am really happy that our EB trusts Dainz and I with this project, because this project really means a lot to me. When I was in Second Year, Gayle, Tonio and I spearheaded in reformatting the project. In a way, we pioneered the sleepover LTC and not just a series of talks. So yeah, Dainz and I have been putting much thought on how to make the LTC more effective, more innovative…to make the LTC a much fruitful experience for everyone– the participants, facilitators, organizers. We’re definitely gonna keep some things to ourselves so we won’t spoil the surprises for the participants and facilitators. (take note: surpriseS)

What I am scared of is that some of the things might feel rushed and we obviously don’t want that. There is great pressure because we have to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time…but I really believe we can do this. We may have a slow start but believe me, we are gonna be able to accomplish so much between now until our very last deliverable.

I am really excited but scared at the same time because what if our profs suddenly just throw more acads or unforeseen external factors suddenly appear. But I guess starting today, it’s really just having the org and the participants in mind and in our hearts (and yes, that might have been cheesy).

And that is why, I guess, my mantra while working for the LTC is “All Heart. All Out.”

Till then, bises!

All Heart. All Out.

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