Life of A (F)unemployed Person

While people have been saying that after college, a new chapter begins or a new chapter unfolds, I honestly believe that it’s not just a new chapter. I really think that it’s a new book altogether, although part of the same series. I think that life after college is a huge leap. There would be less breaks, us graduates will be more independent, at least, that’s what I think. It’s the time that we show what we have learned from the past 16 or so years we’ve had. It’s not just the application of what we have learned in our courses be it Finance or Computer Science. No. I think it’s more than that. What we do after college is perhaps—ideally—the sum of everything we have learned from our teachers, our interactions with different people, exposure to different realities around us. I think what I just said is a bit flawed but it makes sense most of the time. The decisions have made and the decisions some of us are yet to make, ultimately are rooted in our formation from school…and the compromise we make with our parents.

Anyway, two days ago I decided to buy a Moleskine plain notebook that would act as my journal post-college. I plan to chronicle everyday of my life as much as I can. I have so much time in my hands right now as I am currently (f)unemployed—my way of being in denial that I am unemployed. I have already done one entry, and it feels good to be back writing. For some reason, it feels better to write what I think and what I feel more than typing it. I guess it’s more raw that way? Take for example the fact that it takes me much time to make an entry because I would review the whole entry and move some parts up or delete parts. When I write, it is what it is. The way that pen glides through the pages also feels so nice. It’s like I’m back in the Grade School days. Haha.

DSC_0011 copyAs much as I would want to blog everyday, I don’t think my life is blog-worthy, on a daily basis that is. I really feel though that everyday, every feeling, every thought is worth journaling; everything is worth cherishing. Maybe I’ll be done writing on this journal by the end of the year and I’ll look back and see how amazing the year has been after graduation—with the assumption I’d be able to start working this year. Exciting times. Much as I was scared of life after college, I’m actually excited…I’m ready to take on a new set of challenges. I’m ready to meet new people and make new friends. I’m ready to learn, grow, and be a better person. I’m ready to change the world in my own way. And I’m pretty much thrilled to fill up these blank pages in the new book of my life.DSC_0014 copy

Life of A (F)unemployed Person

7 thoughts on “Life of A (F)unemployed Person

  1. jvchris says:

    Kudos to starting a hand-written journal! I started one last school year and I’ve been enjoying it ever since. One of my main concerns before was my ugly hand-writing. Add to that my inability to write on unruled paper and I expected a disaster. Strangely enough, I’ve finally learned how to write on unruled paper :))

    I also took part in a journal swap with a close friend. We have weekly prompts/topics to write about and exchange every week. It’s a fun process to get to know not just oneself but each other. Of course I’m not really advocating this because of privacy issues.

    1. I was torn between getting an unruled or ruled one but I decided to get the former just in case I give in to my sketching tendencies. Haha! I’m quite scared though if while writing I suddenly don’t follow the imaginary lines and suddenly lines just slant and the whole entry would look weird. Haha!

      That sounds awesome! Although I think I don’t want anyone reading my entries unless it’s a really really close friend of mine. Maybe in the future. Haha.

      1. jvchris says:

        I’m sure you know who I’m exchanging journals with :)) Sometimes I also include not-so-subtle rants about the person and other parinig stuff hahaha

  2. lifecaptioned says:

    When I was unemployed I also decided to buy a moleskine and I’m quite glad I did. I always had it in my mind that I loved writing and being unemployed give me no excuse to not do it. With all the time on your hands you could write as much or little as you want.
    I think also part of the reason I started writing was that all my friends were either working or in education and I was sitting there doing nothing so I used it to write my thoughts and feelings so it didn’t feel like it was clouding my mind all the time about being in such a c**p situation.

    1. That’s cool. 🙂 I actually want to keep writing even if I’m already employed. I just want to write and write until I can’t write anymore. I’m guessing it would be cool in the future for anyone who would read it.

  3. since307 says:

    We share the same sentiments on handwritten journals! The actual act of writing really makes a difference. I was also a fresh graduate a few months ago. Good luck on your job hunting! 🙂

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