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I’ve been feeling sick since Monday (headache + a bit of sore throat + coughs + body ache). I seriously don’t know what’s up considering I’ve been getting the right amount of sleep, I bring home less work and I have been more + the past few weeks. Really not sure what’s up. Usually, what does the trick is for me to get something I really want. It can be a simple tweet, a message, or it can be something I’ve been craving for.

Examples: Getting the Pokémon Ruby cartridge years ago because I had fever and my mom just so happened to remember I love Pokémon…after beating the 3rd Gym Leader I started feeling better. When my mom bought me The Supernaturalist by Eoin Colfer when I was also sick, I felt better when I was halfway through the book. In college, usually just getting pats on the back had some healing properties of sorts.

I saw a laptop sleeve last Sunday from this digital accessories and whatnot store named PISMO. It’s a very bright store as in it’s mega bright. They sell a lot of things from cute USBs to hipster-like Pentax cameras, bags, mobile phone cases and anything for techies and people who aspire to be hip techie people!

Earlier this evening, despite my headache and sickly self, I went to Shang East Wing and went straight to PISMO. As I was trying to check if the case was perfect, I saw another one which looked really cool (and I slightly fell in love with it) but it looked so…common. So I went with the case I fell in love with last Sunday and happily bought it. Even cool because they had a discount..not sure why but they gave me a discount. Something with green products? Not sure.

The paper bag is really simple and cute. As in, very cute!

DSC_0013 copyThey even gave me a cute notepad! Do note though that those Cyan colored parts are supposed to be green, not sure why my camera changed the color of it…and I’m too tired to even edit it.

DSC_0015And now for the case! Well first I would like to show you my previous case which served me well for 2 years. Sucks that it got destroyed and is not even repairable. It’s a sexy red case which has a handle (which I use when I’m too tired to just carry it as if it were a book or something).

DSC_0052IMG_0530Sorry Martin but I am too lazy to crop you out! PS our overdue catch up!!

DSC_0016 copyNo, I don’t own a 15-inch MacBook Pro but the thing is, my laptop, with its Speck case, wouldn’t fit in the 13-inch case. Hassle to remove it from its golden yellow case!

Also awesome that I unconsciously bought something that is eco-friendly! Amazing! I had the option of choosing the Rust colored one which looks like some sort of orange, but knowing myself very well, I’d go for the black just because I like black and it’s very classic.

DSC_0019 copyDSC_0022 copyAlthough it might be a hassle that it doesn’t have a handle, I don’t mind as I can easily put it in my bag anyway. I’m just so happy I was able to find a sleeve that actually looks nice and it is very me. I guess unconsciously, I’m having some consistency with my own personal brand. Haha!

So did my purchase make me feel much better? In a way it did! I still feel pretty sick though! 😦 Really hoping when I wake up tomorrow I’d feel a lot better!

For now, if you want to check out PISMO and their cute stuff, you can check their Facebook Page and do swing by Shang East Wing!! 🙂

Back to Black

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