Heima’s Paper Club

A few days ago I saw on my Twitterfeed that Heima would be holding an event today they entitled “Craft and Be Merry”. And me, being me, decided to swing by because I value the arts, and because Heima events are the best. Not to mention, it’s always refreshing to be surrounded by young, artsy people.

Heima Brixton was, as expected, filled with so much people, making it hard for me to actually move around and take photos because 1. I brought with me my handbag and, 2. I use a dSLR with a manual focus, 50mm lens. But all’s good. It’s always nice to see how much people Heima can attract without having to market itself so much.

While browsing around, I approached a lady who works with Heima and asked her why they’re holding an event (besides the obvious reason that they don’t need to have a reason because they’re such a cool store). She smiled and she answered that it’s their way to launch their new Paper Club products, and having demonstrations was a way to celebrate the art in those products, and what you could do with them. Media-trained? I think so.

I didn’t really stay that long in the store because I had other plans. However, for the short amount of time I was in the store, I was able to witness some people display their passion for the craft, and guests trying some things out like creating their own paper flowers. From diorama, to paper cutting, and to mural painting, it’s amazing to be breathing the same air with these people…and at the same time curious as to why I can’t do any of those to save anyone’s life. I wasn’t able to take a photo of the MT Casa (aka washi tape) decorating lady because I couldn’t get a decent angle, and the paper flower making people because that area was really crowded. I did, however, got to shoot these.

I regret not being able to take photos of everything new that they have because I was quite preoccupied being in love with the beautiful covers (and the cotton candy cart). I guess, at least I was able to manage to take photos of some of their sweet paper products from Cartolina, Sycamore Street Press, and Rifle Paper Co.

It was a short, but a refreshing and inspiring visit. As I mentioned earlier, it is nice to just be surrounded by people who really value art. It’s been a while since I exposed myself to anything out of my usual monotonous life, and I am happy to have spent my Saturday afternoon in Brixton. It shocked me to get back to doing the things I really enjoy doing, hence this post. I guess, I’m back. Whether for good, or just for now, at least, I have placed something here way before the end of the first half of 2014. Haha.

And I guess, as a reminder for me to continue doing the things I love to do, I should stamp this somewhere in my mind.

Heima’s Paper Club

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