Cup of Thoughts

One of the things I do when I go out is to find a quiet corner for a cup of coffee to sip while I’m with my thoughts, my  black book and a pen. While I do go out alone all of the time, there remains something special when I just take a break from everything. “Me-time”, as it is often called, is something sacred to me, it is something I must have. So while I was already in the Kapitolyo area when I went to Heima’s Paper Club, I decided to drop by Epic Café which never fails to keep me sane.

Epic was the perfect place to take some time off from the crazy days I have been having the past few weeks. The place has a certain charm which I really like. It’s not your overly commercial Starbucks or Coffee Bean, where people flock to ultimately plague the supposed calming atmosphere a coffee shop brings.

In between sips, I took my pen for a scroll on my black book where I usually let it all out. You see, I’m not the type of person who trust others that fast on how I really feel about things, about situations, about people. I guess that’s why I am just comfortable with the company of myself. I like doing things by myself. I am perfectly fine watching movies alone, I am perfectly fine eating out by myself. I am perfectly fine with the silence only with my thoughts to disturb me. And these thoughts don’t just stay within me, I write it on the pages of my journal. I let the ink immortalize my thoughts. I channel them out.

And I guess that’s why I am nearing the end of my black book.

Cup of Thoughts

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