Sweet Ecstasy

The other evening I decided to eat dinner out just because. While I was trying to think where would be a nice, chill, quiet place to eat, Cubao X to mind. It’s not the calmest place in the Metro as most of the people prefer dining outside, and the openness of the space allows for people to be open themselves. It is always nice to encounter friendly people who would just talk to you randomly and start a conversation but I wasn’t in the mood for socializing that night because I was just quite hungry and my energy was dropping. Bellini’s would’ve been awesome, however the place was already filled. While taking a quick stroll in the “hippie area”,  I decided, why not Sweet Ecstasy?

Sweet Ecstasy is a quaint place occupying two floors. Since the ground floor was fully occupied by couples, I stayed upstairs. The place is quite trippy with posters plastered on its walls. Pretty awesome how they injected the name of the resto in all of the posters.

I learned about this place when my friends had me trying the resto’s milkshakes when we had a catch up dinner earlier this year. I did tell myself I’d come back to try more milkshakes and their food, and I guess it was fate or whatever that brought me back to the place.

As you could see form their menu, they do offer quite a number of milkshakes. Not seen in the photo is a board listing what they call “adult shakes” since those contain alcohol. Since I’m not a fan of wings, I got myself a plain burger and a White Russian. I wanted to get fries but they ran out already since they were about to close when I got there. Bummer.

I did enjoy my meal though. The burger was just a straight-up burger. Bun, sauce, tomato, lettuce, patty, bun. I like that the tomato and lettuce are fresh unlike the unhealthy ones in most fast-food chains. It’s good for its price. The White Russian was also really good but I think it may have contained too much alcohol. Well, either that or my tastebuds are just too sensitive when it comes to alcohol. Whatever the case is, I did enjoy my meal and I’d definitely return here just because it’s peaceful and the place is cozy even if I was seated on some random corner. See photo below.

Plus points for having semi-high chairs that swivel!! I got to act like a kid as I swiveled while munching on my burger. Also, on my way out, I saw this poster and it made me laugh because it fits Sweet Ecstasy perfectly.

Excited to go back again here but till then, I do wonder where my cravings will bring me next.

Sweet Ecstasy

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