Bangkok’s Quirks

Besides the cultural aspect of Bangkok and the different dishes and desserts it has to offer, what made me fall in love with Bangkok would be the everyday, not-necessarily-touristy things. There were a lot of scenic moments and things worth capturing. From street signs,

to their crazy traffic

to the boats that are about to dock

and to this building that looks like a futuristic Vita Coco bottle.

I like their graffiti/wall art. And I think this is the third time I’d mention it but I really want to tag a wall here in Manila. Someday.

There’s another one but I’d rather not post it because people might think I’m with the Illuminati. Haha! There is a certain quirkiness with Bangkok’s aesthetics. I think it’s because they celebrate individuality and uniqueness more compared to other Asian countries? I’m not sure, but these mannequins caught my attention.

Like look at that store front. Isn’t it so beautiful? Doesn’t it just draw you in and make you want to enter the store? Wish we have that in the country.

Regrets not being able to try Mr. Jones’ Orphanage.

The new Central Embassy Shopping Mall has its fair share of nice things. Instead of the usual “COMING SOON” plastered, this tenant designed a really nice front while their shop is being made.

A coffee shop designed this window for to-go orders.

And there’s this home and lifestyle shop which could’ve made me broke but I controlled myself.

Roast BKK’s menu was extra hardworking. At first I thought it was an Early Bird Breakfast Club type of menu, like there was nothing special about it. I was wrong. Beyond placing their menu, description of each item and nice pictures, Roast BKK had articles made about the company, about coffee and a lot more. It’s also a nice touch to place a neighborhood map at the back of it. Perfect for travelers and tourists! It’s so nice that I still have it with me!

I love Unique Siam because they sell a lot of anything and everything Instax related things. I bought so much film from this store. No regrets! Funny how I found it. During our first lunch in Som Tam Nua I was looking for a money exchange place then I ended up seeing the store! I still have 3 packs with me. Wish I bought more!

I was also happy with my loot from one of the mornings we spent in Chatuchak.

Because of my very eccentric attire and because of the shades I got which looked quite unique, my colleagues urged me to have a photo by one of the random walls we saw.

Outfit Of That Day care of Muji, Zara, Bensimon and Eyespace for the shades. Haha!

There was also a Comme des Garçons Pop Up. Apparently I wasn’t allowed to take a photo. Oops!

What stood out for me, more than anything else, was this mural that could be found by one of the walls of Roast BKK.

Til next time Bangkok!

Bangkok’s Quirks

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