Sweet Stuff from Singapore

My mother just came back from Singapore and my thoughtful brother had few things sent over.

While I love Typo, I also like another stationary store which I wish will open in Manila, kikki.K. The place has a lot of quirky finds, and it’s a bit sad one can’t take photos of anything in the store. My brother, knowing well my writing obsession, sent me these pocket-sized (ish!) notebooks.

All about travelling. I like! I think this is my brother’s way of telling me to stop going to cafés and just save up my money to have a huge travel fund. Considering it…but I can’t say no to coffee!

My brother is quite lucky that he gets to travel because of the nature of his work. Jealous! Well, since the start of the year I’ve been setting up this own travel fund of mine. I don’t think I can go to Europe anytime soon with my own money alone without feeling so poor while there, so I’ll go around Asia for now. Then I’ll start venturing to the West by next year?

I also got this! I love Hershey’s chocolate pearls, mainly for its case. I know, I’m shallow that way. I think I’ve had around 10 of these ever since my first trip to Singapore in 2011.

Next to the chocolate pearls, my other sweet obsession is the Cadbury Bubbly. My friends judge me for liking it, mainly because there’s nothing so special about it. While that is almost true, I just like the fact that when it’s chilled, it’s not rock hard when I bite it. Something with the ‘bubble structure’ of the sweet bar I think.

Hurray for these things! I’m kind of set that this week will be awesome because of the chocolates and the notebooks. Positive thinking! I also miss Singapore. I know I just went there last year for my birthday, but I just love that country. Maybe I should go there latter part of this year. We’ll see! But for now, I’m excited for my birthday trip even if it’s roughly 3 months away.

Sweet Stuff from Singapore

5 thoughts on “Sweet Stuff from Singapore

    1. I agree! They come in a peach-pink sort of color. The photographs aren’t able to give justice to the notepads true colors due to the lighting in the shop.

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