March Food Photodump

As the title reads, this is really just a photodump of some of the food I ate the past month.

Truffle and Mushroom Pasta from Craft Katipunan.

A cup of latte from Craft Katipunan.

Castellano (Crispy Pata) from Corazon.

Campeador (Crispy pork binagoongan) from Corazon.

Torres (tilapia with mango sauce) from Corazon.

Ciudad Real (lechon kawali with laing) from Corazon.

Churros from Corazon. I like the ones from La Lola more, but Corazon’s chocolate dip tastes better.

A cup of latte from Craft The Podium.

Tempura Maki from Omakase.

Philadelphia Roll from Omakase.

Tofu steak from Omakase.

March Food Photodump

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